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January 28, 2006


Shawn Bowers

Sorry you had to retract the other post. That guy needed to lighten up a bit, yeah? For the record, it was a funny rant despite the crazy folk. I think we have a new reality show in the making here, though. Baseballers' Wives. I smell a hit. I smell cash money money. And I'll even go 50/50 with you. Now THERE'S a deal that's almost impossible to refuse.

Ken Levine

When people are writing in comparing how hard they have it and how severe their weather they're obviously missing the spirit of the piece. I don't even know why that guy reads this blog. It's obviously not for him.


Let me paraphrase a line from Sen. Stuart Symington in 1967, after Charlie Finley moved the Athletics from Kansas City, in Symington's home state of Missouri, to Oakland: With Anna Benson, Baltimore is the luckiest city since Hiroshima.Then again, as someone from Washington who perceives Peter Angelos (aka "Cuban Pete") as the anti-Christ for his virulent, but ultimately futile, attempts to keep baseball from the other end of the B-W Parkway (only to end up profiting like a rose, thanks to a horribly one-sided cable TV deal arranged by MLB), this train-wreck-to-be couldn't happen to a more appropriate guy.


Hey Ken, I'm an aspiring sit-com writer in the UK and this is one of the best blogs I've ever read. I know what you're thinking - "one of?" Hey, what can I tell you, you're good but you're no Kevin Smith.Kidding.I'm just chipping in for purely selfish reasons - I read that I missed a rant. I really wish you'd forget the odd whack-job who complains about your posts, the more you take notice of 'em, the more they'll post their humourless, meddlesome, wholly worthless opinions. Your posts make me laugh out loud. Don't bow down to the dullards. This is your blog man!Take it easy.Steve C

Stephen Gallagher

Out of all her blathering, the only image that stuck with me was the one about painful gas.

Frank Strovel III

As a native Baltimorian (Baltimoron?) and lifelong Orioles fan I can only say that if Kris Benson can help the O's in some way, I don't care if Anna wears fur, farts, spreads her legs or writes a memior that's not really true. Just win, baby!

MaryAn Batchellor

Forwarding this one to Tom Hicks. Hope you don't mind.


Give her a beehive and the cats' eye glasses and Anna can be a true hon'

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