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January 22, 2006



No love for The A-TEAM?

Ken Levine

Rarely watched it. But it's hard to narrow down my favorites to ten.Honorable mention: MAN FROM UNCLE, OPEN ALL NIGHT, BOB NEWHART SHOW, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, HONEYMOONERS, MAUDE, HAWAIIAN EYE, BAT MASTERSON, FRIENDS, I SPY, HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL, BONANZA, JACK BENNY SHOW, BULLWINKLE. And I know I'm forgetting a dozen others.

rashad khan

I concur w/ bry: the theme from "The A-Team" rawked. As a matter of fact, I can't think of any Cannell-produced series that DIDN'T have at least a catchy theme song.I guess we should bow our heads and give thanks to Mike Post.

Anil Khedun

For me Cheers is the most recognisable theme, followed by Magnum, Knight Rider and Dallas! These aren't the best songs, but I remember them vividly and loved it when Buster Rhymes used a sample from Knight Rider in Turn It Up. I do miss theme songs.


A shoutout to "The King Of Queens" (aka "The Honeymooners" for the 21st century), one of the few series left that has a theme song. Like the show itself, it isn't all that much, but has its own charm. (Although any series that has Nick Bakay on board is all right with me.)

Frank Strovel III

In junior high school we were forced to sing "Suicide Is Painless" by our chorus teacher who was too thrilled to learn there were actually lyrics to the song. Of current TV shows I like the theme to Scrubs ("I'm no superman...").

Pam Atherton

Mike Post is the best of all time!! ROCKFORD FILES, LA LAW,MURDER ONE, NYPD BLUE, HUNTER, SILK STALKINGS (my personal favorite), HILL STREET BLUES, and the incredible LAW AND ORDER. Of course, none of them have words, but all are memorable nonetheless. He won his first grammy for arranging Mason William's CLASSICAL GAS. He and Mancini are the icons of the TV theme song field!

rashad khan

For me, it's a three-way tie among CHEERS, HILL STREET BLUES, and THE ROCKFORD FILES for favorite theme song.


Top Cat! Awesome! Ascetic, you're right that our stations start with a W out here in the East, but we still have a "Kiss FM" in Cleveland. I don't know what its actual call letters are. We have a K-Rock now too. They just renamed our "Xtreme" station last week.


Sopranos, Mission Impossible.


BIONIC MAN was a work of art!I've watched the CRIME STORY opening many times in my youth, but rarely understood the show, as I was too young.


FYI: That was me who started the TV Theme Thingee.http://apartmenttwo.blogspot.com/It's my contention that if you want to get to know a person, ask them what their favorite themes are. You'll be able to figure out everything else. :)

Tom Quigley

How about the theme to ST. ELSEWHERE? Listening to it incessantly caused four people I know to flunk out of med school. They all shaved their heads and became Howie Mandel worshippers...

Howard Hoffman

LAS VEGAS.Yeah, they ripped it off from OCEANS ELEVEN but I love the opening credits anyway - mostly for the visuals if ya catch my drift.Also, I always get a chill when the cold opening dovetails into the theme on THE WEST WING (moment of silence here for its upcoming end-of-run).The full closing credits music on MAGILLA GORILLA rocked the house. Hoyt Curtin made the blandest cartoons actually watchable.And for sheer overpowering energy, ANIMANIACS.Thanks to my college years, MAGILLA GORILLA is the only thing I remember before 1985.


Vlad- Hey, another Clevelander! Our KISS station is WAKS, so it sort-of has a tag at the end. Although it originated on film, the PINK PANTHER theme will baby elephant walk though all of our memories.


The Sopranos?! I know it's not that old, but come on! What a catchy tune!




Hello people - everyone is forgetting The Simpsons


I loved the episode of 'Scrubs' where Ted's band sings TV theme songs. I doubt most people can get rid of the theme song to 'Facts of Life' from their minds once they've heard it once.


This is really a way to get a feel for the age of your readers, isn't it?I think you're partially right -- theme songs have given way to theme music instead. I bet most folks would be able to name the show with just a few notes of many series. Stargate, Desperate Housewives, even the few notes of Lost are all distinctive -- we've just lost original lyrics you can jam to in the car with the windows up (or down).Aside from other mentioned, Gilligan's Island would have to be up there in the memorable theme song list for me.

rashad khan

[i]This is really a way to get a feel for the age of your readers, isn't it?[/i]Not necessarily. I was only 18 months old when HILL STREET BLUES premiered.


Once of the absolute best TV themes was Jonny Quest - a great jazzy action number...And actually, the theme for Batman was pretty good too, until the chanting starts...


"The Fall Guy" anyone?


Ironically, LOVE MONKEY has a theme song...


No love for the funk-stroll-strut that is the Sanford And Son Theme? Quincy Jones is rolling over in his...what? never mind. I also appreciate The Wire using the same song, "Way Down In The Hole", every season, but having a different person cover in it in a different style, Tom Waits being the bestest.

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