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January 25, 2006


Tom Quigley

RE: From a recent President Bush press conference -- In all sincerity, I believe the man is suffering from "Iraqtile Dysfunction"...


Bush is the most pathetic excuse for a President in the history of this country. Thank God for The Daily Show and their nightly skewering of this asshole!

rashad khan

Who needs "The Daily Show" when Bush II brings the funny all by himself?

Bill Cunningham

Ken -- Jack's in real time. You're in tv time. He's been in a shootout, a hostage situation, a helicopter ride, a knife fight...He'll get around to calling her. Would you spring that on your daughter? "Honey, guess what? I'm back! I'm not a corpse, yet! Somebody's still out to get me though so you stay tightly bundled up in suburbia! Oops, sorry there's the gunfire - gotta go. Buh-bye!" (click!)Would you do that over the phone...? No.

Ken Levine

Bill,Having been in the same situation as Jack (as I'm sure many of us have) I did call my daughter. She was glad to hear from me but couldn't talk long. Her new Iraqi boyfriend was coming over for dinner.


I suppose Jenna was understandably fearful of being typecast, but there are certainly other "free spirit" characters she could've played that wouldn't have resembled Dharma. Think of the queen of comedic actresses, Carole Lombard. Her Hazel Flagg ("Nothing Sacred") shared some qualities with Irene Bullock ("My Man Godfrey"), but they were certainly not alike.It will be interesting to see whether Laura Prepon can find a sitcom vehicle tailored to her specific comedic talents, without her character simply being a contemporary clone of Donna Pinciotti or going in the opposite direction, as Elfman did.

emily blake

What do you suppose executives would do with a sitcom character who spoke like George Bush?

Tom Quigley

RE: What do you suppose executives would do with a sitcom character who spoke like George Bush? --I think they already did. The dialogue started out "Hi, I'm Larry, and this here's my brother Darryl, and this here's my other brother -- Jeb..."


Well, it's not that Bush is being stupid. Bush (as well as the reporter) knows the answer to the question -- it solves the problem (he would say) by reducing the growth in benefits for a certain segment of the population. But it is best not to say that in so many words, since the idea of reducing benefits is frightening to so many people. He's doing (poorly) what any other president would do -- bullshitting.

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