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January 26, 2006


H. L. Shepherd

Hi Mr. Levine:Great article, thanks for posting. I imagine the red tap you have to cut through to get to TV or Movie execs leaves ones pair of scissors very dull. Actually, I have already had to throw out seven pairs and I haven't even seen the inside of any studio, agency, or prod conference room. {SIGH} I know, I have plenty more to get through. Hmm perhaps a sharpener would help. In any case, thank you for posting, it's nice to be aware of the stress you must go through to get to that point. Congrats on your success, your industry experience is inspiring. Mind if I borrow your sharpener?Heather

Ken Levine

People and critics (two different species) are forever crying that sitcoms today are bland and familiar. If they knew the process they might better understand.


From the outside looking in (or, rather, jumping up to see over the fence), I'd love to be in your predicament. I know, I know, be careful what you wish for...But despite the frustrations you keep at it. What keeps you playing the game?

Ken Levine

I will answer in tomorrow's post.


Good luck. Sounds unpleasant. What makes it worth it, creating or getting the exposure?- A


The Super Mario Bros. reference doesn't actually make sense. Perhaps you meant some other videogame? (Donkey Kong, most likely.)

Ken Levine

The Super Mario Brothers reference was in regards to all the various levels you have to go through. You pass through one you move up to the next.


Ahh. It seemed like you were trying to directly play on "ladder". Super Mario Brothers is more of a forward-moving, rather than upward-moving game.I still think Donkey Kong would be a better comparison: A big gorilla throwing barrels down at you, which you have to dodge or jump over as you climb ramps and ladders to get to the top -- only to have to do it all over again.

Kitty Kavey

Funny article, and well-written. I enjoyed it!

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