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January 27, 2006



I was just IM-ing with a fellow blogger who lives in a small town in Georgia, while I live in LA. He's telling me this story about how he went shopping with his wife at his Albertson's Supermarket. "You have an Albertson's in Georgia?" I asked. "I thought that was a local California store."He said it used to be called something else, but they were bought out when the new Office Depot opened up. "Office Depot?" I said, "I live down the block from an Office Depot!"These huge conglomerates are eating up more than the Frog network. If I'm going to IM with some guy in Georgia, I want to hear about quirky Andy Griffith-type Southern culture, not that he shops at Albertson's!


Because the minute Wal-Mart opens people are going to discover that hey, there's more jobs, a much better selection, and at cheaper prices. So what if they don't know my kid's name? I'm saving money!"I think you should have a quotation mark in front of 'So'.By the way, was this play ever put on? Did that line get a laugh? I would assume that not a lot of people would catch a Michael Milken reference.

Alex Epstein

Heh. I got a kick out of when the baby-eating-Christians tried to boycott Walmart.Boycott Walmart. Heh. Right.You can actually DO that in a blue state (by which I mean, a city). In a red state? Only till you run out of diapers.Heh heh.

Stephen Gallagher

My version of the 'two girls from high school' response is that much as I hate what I have to go through to get stuff looked at, messed with and made, if I wasn't doing it I'd be insanely jealous of anyone who was.

Ken Levine

I haven't had a production, just two readings with large audiences. The Milken joke got a big laugh both times. Of course, if it didn't get a laugh the first reading it wouldn't be there for the second.


I believe during his illicit reign in the '80s, Michael Milken purchased the Encino estate where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard lived. One can only hope the ghosts of Clark and Carole somehow set him straight. (Think "Topper" meets "A Christmas Carol.")


Thanks -- I'm fascinated by the motives of why we do what we do for as long as we do it.

Lloyd Thaxton

I just want to go on record that I saw the read of Ken's play. I was awed by the process. Great Actors, yes, but, what a funny play. You know it is funny when you see such veteran comedy actors laughing as they read the words Ken wrote.If you want to be a writer, keep tuned to this blog. You will learn from a master of the game.Lloyd Thaxton

Ed Drone

"the first thing Wal-Mart better stock is two-by-fours because that's what the Main Street merchants are going to need to board up their shops."Sorry, but don't they tend to use plywood for boarding-up of buildings? Remember all those hurricanes?Why am I QC-ing this blog? I do wonder about myself sometimes. Then again, I know a friend who does this for the "industry" in Hollywood. Fact-checks, that is. It actually sounds like a great job, doing what he does.Ed

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