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February 25, 2006



One wonders whether a vehicle like this might restore the reputation of someone like Tara Reid, who's now considered a joke in much of the entertainment industry.

Jason Looney

Yeah, Tara Reid is one good movie away from a comeback. I can feel it. I mean, she already slept her way to the bottom. If she just flips that around...


Another argument in favour of Jennifer Love Hewitt is that she actually played Audrey Hepburn in a TV biopic a few years back.


I have been racking my brain for who would work in this and I think Rachel Weisz is the best I've come up with.


At last, a comedy script that is actually funny! I think Rachel Weisz is a great idea, I think Caroline Dhavernas from Wonderfalls would be good too.


Sad that this might be the last we get to see of this. I really like it alot so far, and have read it to anyone near me when I'm on your site (which is about twice a day).Funny funny stuff, and i wouldn't like to see Tara Reid in the role, but I do agree that Rachel Weisz would be great.


Honestly, not crazy about this scene.I did like the I look like Alanis Morissette line though.


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