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March 23, 2006


Roderick Moore

I'm sure you'll probably catch this, but the film Glen & Les Charles wrote was called PUSHING TIN, not TIN MEN.

Ken Levine

0ops. Thanks b. I made the correction.


I wanna be Tom Reeder.- Allen


Head to Oxnard and look for a bar with a good happy hour and a well-stocked shelf of scotch. I bet you find Tom. :)


I thought Yvette Lee Bowser created Living Single. In fact, I just double checked it in the very good book "Created By..." by Steven Prigge.In fact Tom is only listed as a writer for the series on IMDB, though I know how inaccurate the most accurate film/tv database can be.What gives?

Ken Levine

Yeah, IMDB has me as the location manager on FLIPPER. If Tom Anderson didn't create it, he co-created it or developed it and ran it. Whatever he did, he made a lot of money from it.


"Money?"Ahh, now I've found my motivation.

Paul Duca

I knew David Lee was doing well...I was at the gym and picked up the March issue of METROPOLITAN HOME--the featured residence was his mid-century modern manse in Palm Springs (formerly owned by Dinah Shore). Retro, but with a 21st century flair in color and material--he put a sauna where Dinah kept her furs. I presume you've been there, Ken...does it live up to the photo spread?


that was a great series of Cheers updates, Ken...it is a real pleasure to read your posts, please keep up the great work!


What about the Cheers writer who was on that episode of Scrubs last season?You know, the one who Cheers-obsessed docs J.D. and Turk recognize from their latest Sam and Co. marathon, making it a point to take special care of him (only to find out he had some sort of terminal illness)?Ohhhhh: that was a fictional character. Got it...


DOUG THOMPSON WROTE: Ken,Our mutual friend, Jon Wolfert, always told me you were a very funny writer, but I never truly appreciated it until I started following your blogs. Today's installment about where all the CHEERS writers are these days was laugh-out-loud funny (as are most of your blogs, if truth be told and I'm under doctor's orders to only tell truths today...so there you are).You should get paid for these, but don't ask me to contribute, I'm still working in radio, therefore deeply in debt and broke.


Hey Ken first time caller, long time listnerWhat about Stan Daniels, (who I first heard about on a Simpson's commentary that mentioned a "Stan Daniels turn" as Al Jean called it)?

Ken Levine

Stan Danials is a lovely man and a hall of fame writer but never worked on CHEERS. With Ed. Weinberger he did the MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW and TAXI and on ALMOST PERFECT we used him several ltimes as a director but never on CHEERS. From what I understand he's retired and doing fine.I wish I still had an old CHEERS outline. I emailed my secretary and she is going to try to track down an outline from something we've written and if she can I'll post that.


Oh I'm sorry. The way Al Jean described it on the commentary, Stan Daniels sounded like he wrote for Cheers, as Al's example of the turn was a Norm joke

Frank Strovel III

I posted this on an earlier Cheers thread here, but for those who missed it:James Burrows interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air three weeks ago is a really good listen.


//(NOTE: Back then every show had at least four Davids on staff. Things have changed. Today it’s four Matts.)//I'm a David, and I don't think I've ever gone anywhere in my life where I didn't encounter at least one other David. Usually one of them is some sort of aspiring filmmaker/screenwriter/producer.//the Emmy winning animated show TEACHER’S PET (starring Nathan Lane) and wrote the screenplay for the movie of TEACHER’S PET (which got sensational reviews and deserved a better fate).//Teacher's Pet was a great cartoon. It was one of the only reasons I had for waking up on Saturday mornings. :P Far more intellectual than the rest of the programming during its timeslot. The movie was quite good too, although I didn't see it until it hit DVD because it was so poorly promoted that it only stayed in the local theater for about a week and a half.


Ken, When will we see the TV show based on your blog? dfw

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