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April 23, 2006



Yeah after Ebert's review of Slevin (2 of 4 stars) I knew it was a skipper. [Plus I think the name says it all]I'm on my way to see Brick , and as a huge noir buff, I'm hoping for good things.

Will Teullive

"and Bruce Willis whose current style of acting can only be described as “Botox”.That's just funny right there!

Hollywood blond

Love that, the Botox method of acting... and ol' Morgan teaming up with Miss Judd.Saving $8-10 in movie money is not a bad thing. Thanks for the tip!


There's never been a good movie with a made up word in the title, except for "Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo". That was solid.


While a bad movie can easily have a great trailer, it rare when a good movie has a stinko trailer.So, you apparently missed the "Slevin" trailer. It could've saved you $10.

Shawn Bowers

I didn't think it was THAT bad. I'll admit, the first half or so when it was trying so hard to be hip with all the "witty *cough*forced*cough*" dialogue grated heavily on my nerves. But once it settled into just being satisfied with piling on as many cliche twists as it could until it exploded, I grew surprisingly okay with it.


Still planning on seeing it. I have an affinity for movies that were filmed in my city. But I heard similar things from my sister.- Allen

Chesher Cat

Didn't believe a word of it. Fortunately, I saw it for free.

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