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May 29, 2006



Hi, Ken. Congrats on the 200th post. Personally, I think you should keep doing what you've been doing - including posting samples from your work. Great stuff.

MaryAn Batchellor

You have a lot of to say and the rest of us are grateful for it.

Hollywood blond

Ken, I remember hearing you as Beaver Cleaver. You're a blast from my past!Love the writing samples with all the commentary. Congrats on your play and hitting #200.


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Beth Ciotta

I discovered your blog via Lee Goldberg’s blog. I’ve been hooked since. I’m thoroughly entertained by your posts no matter the topic. Anyone ever tell you you’re funny? ;) I’ve learned a lot as well. Thanks for being here, Ken. Keep ‘em coming. Best wishes with THE 60s PROJECT!

Paul Duca

Ken...you once winged half an entire weekend's airshifts (alongside Bobby Rich at KHTZ, summer of '79). I think you can come up with a few hundred words a day for at least another 100 days.


I come to you via Fun Joel's list of links. I think I got to him via John August. And I probably got to him by way of a friend who writes screenplays 3000 miles from Hollywood and always is good online fun. Bloglinking is sometimes a very good thing.I'm a Hollywood-based SAG indie film casting director with only three (or so) years under my belt, after having worked as an actor since childhood. My survival job, when I first got to LA was interviewing casting directors for "Back Stage West," which is how I learned what I really wanted to do with my energy.After interviewing over 200 casting directors, I wrote a book about them (and then three more books), and now my weekly column is for Showfax.com (still for actors, but not in interview form). I did the UCLA Extension Writers' Program but never liked any of my screenplay work. So, I'm taking on the 14-Day Screenplay Challenge coming up here soon and I'm a-skeert (but way excited).So, I guess I'm a wannabe screenwriter and in a few weeks we'll know if I can say I've actually finished one of these damn things. If I haven't, I still like reading blogs from people in the industry, since I work with so many producers, writers, directors, and actors every day in casting. It's always good to get a different POV on the whole machine.So... what do I want to see you write about?What brings you joy, what makes you laugh, what gives you hope for the future of Hollywood, what you'd teach yourself if you could go back in time and have a powwow before you'd done your first big LA thing, and how much of your writing ever really ends up being accurately represented in any given finished project? How's that for a list?You can call me Bonnie Longpost, by the way. ;)Happy 200th and keep up the fun!

Mary Stella

Hi, Ken -- Congrats on 200 posts. Yep, blogging is addictive. Then, to make it worse, I have to recheck my own blog to see if other people comment.Connecting in the blogosphere is like Six Degrees of Separation. I found your blog through the blog of my friend Beth Ciotta who found you through Lee Goldberg's blog, which she probably found through someone else's blog.Whether stories from show writing, travelogs or sports stories, you're always entertaining. Like Beth, I've learned from you, too. In short, I don't care what you write, as long as you do.Thanks for great reading!


Remember when you said you might post about the "Why are there so few women in Hwood" topic? I'm still waiting....Mostly, I've really enjoyed your blog. Especially the travel reports.Christina

Will Teullive

I think I stumbled onto your blog via the TV Squad blog. When I first read the title ‘By Ken Levine’, I thought you were partially stepping out of the closet and weren’t the best speller. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.I was pleasantly surprised to read you are a comedy writer and since I don’t know the url for the Farrelly Brothers blog I’ve been checking in here ever since. Having recently been subjected to ‘The Ringer’ their blog is no longer on my ‘to do’ list.We have much in common since we both work in television, you writing and re-writing for MASH, Cheers, Wings, et.al. And me installing and replacing picture tubes and fly back transformers on many Sonys, RCA, Sanyos, et al. There is only a select few of us who are fortunate enough to work in television, we should be thankful.Anyhew, Congratulations! Wait a minute..the ‘90s just called they want ‘ANYHEW’ back. Hold on..2000 just called they want ‘JUST CALLED’ back. What I’m trying to write is: Congratulations your 200th post, it always worth the trip, and keep the laughs coming ;-)

Joshua James

Happy anniversery, dude!Joshua James, playwright in New York City and aspiring television writer, as you know - Love to buy you a cup of coffee sometime whenever you're in the city - just let me know - Congrats!


Congtats KenI'm a journalist, columnist, screenwriter and wannabe comedy writer from vancouver, Canada who just sold a pilot to the History Channel.Your latest Allow yourself three hours before your flight caused me to blow coffee up my nose.I'm in the presence of a master and I feel like a grasshopper.

Celeste Purdy

I came upon your blog via Paul Guyot's blog when he was still blogging. I love anything you have to share regarding writing for tv. I've enjoyed it all really. I never comment but I read your blog every day as well as Lee Goldberg's.


swimming coach from finland, i´m not working in showbiz but i enjoy good writing in tv shows, when i occasionally see one...can´t remember how i got here, but been reading long time...

D.T. Pennington

You're my hero. I came upon you by accident. I googled something like "screenwriting for retards", because I was looking to start up, and a a few link-clicks later, I endedup here. Now, I can't get enough. I'd love to work with you someday. Ok, I'm done being a giddy fan now.


Hi Ken! I'm a long time reader, but first time comment poster.I found your blog through Lee Goldberg's a while back. I don't remember exactly when, but I'm sure it was before your 100th post.I've read you constantly since then for a very simple reason: every post meant to be funny really is, and the few that aren't are usually pretty interesting too.I don't know how international your popularity is, but you do get readers from non-english speaking countries. I'm mexican and live in Mexico (and, I might add, find the Internet extremely useful).Keep up the good work. Especially your TV work, but the blog too, if you have the time!


Congrats on the milestone, Ken. Your next assignment: Come up with a sitcom vehicle for Laura Prepon, then forward it to her agent.


Hi.I found your blog from a link on the WABC Rewound site. Someone posted your blog. I clicked the link. Here I am. Rumor has it that I am an actor, filmmaker, and teacher in Tokyo, Japan. An American who grew up in New Jersey, I listened to WABC (i refuse to say religiously, since everybody says that.) a lot. Recently, on my own humble blog, a poster, inspired by a real life experience I was lucky to enjoy mentioned some TV shows we both liked. And that made me write, in no particular order, the shows I grew up with which came immediately to mind. Along the same lines, I'd like to hear what shows made an impact on you. From my list, you can see I did not confine myself to critic's choice shows, but, rather, anything that I loved watching, and which, during my growing years, made an impact on me, even if that impact was a break-away chair of obviousness smashed over the back of subtlety. As far as lists go, I never cared for 'em. But, I enjoyed making this one. I hope you can share your choices as well. Here are the shows pretty much quoted from my blog: "Let's see, if I could list the great shows of my (not forgotten) past, which to a program, inspired and enriched me, i'd have to say, in no order of importance whatsoever...Twilight ZoneBarney MillerM*A*S*H (honest!)Doctor WhoBugs Bunny and other Warner Bros Looney TunesJohnny QuestSpeed RacerSherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett) Hercule Poirot (older ones)Outer LimitsLost in SpaceMary Tyler MooreDick Van DykeGet SmartMannix (Shifrin score only. just kidding ;)Man from U.N.C.L.E.Star Trek (original series)Hawaii Five-OThe FugitiveThe InvadersWhite ShadowWonder Years (a biggie!)Brady Bunch (yes, I admit it!)Welcome Back Kotter (my parents hated this show)Gilligan' Island (but not as much as this one)Starsky and HutchThe RookiesNight StalkerPolice StoryThe MagicianIncredible HulkMy Favorite MartianCourtship of Eddie's Father(you can see the synaptic links firing off!)Family AffairHardcastle and McCormickBattlestar GallacticaHitchhikers Guide to the GalaxyNational Geographic Specials (before they went to video shooting)Wide World of Sports (Jim Mckay and Howard Cosell years)Schoolhouse Rock and all those other great educational shortsJohnny Carson hosting Tonight ShowBob Hope SpecialsAndy Williams SpecialsDean Martin Show and SpecialsSonny and Cher ShowHudson Brothers ShowCarol Burnett ShowFlip Wilson ShowBill Cosby Show (original one, which premiered Fat Albert)Ranken and Bass Christmas specialsPeanuts holiday specialsLaugh InThe PrisonerThunderbirdsUFOSpace 1999-and so many great Masterpiece Theater mini-series, such as:All Creatures Great and SmallBrideshead RevisitedDanger UXBPiece of CakeThe CitadelTraffikFlame Trees of ThikaJewel in the CrownTinker TailorSmiley's Peopleand so many more programs. Gosh, it's a wonder i got outside and climbed trees, skinned my knees, and rode my bicycle with my friends. Where'd i find the time?!Ha! to be kid! And no gore or sleaze in any of that viewing. Man did I have a great childhood! All the best,Robert (Original post is "To Students with Love" on supercublog.blogspot.com)


I was happy to watch AfterMASH when it was on, as I became a big fan of the show in its later years and was sorry when it went off the air.I'm sure you have your own memories of the show, and know much more of its shortcomings than any of us, but from what I remember of it (which isn't much after all this time, since I've never seen it rerun) I certainly enjoyed it for what it was. So thank you for it, from one fan at least.


HI THERETHIS IS ANDREW, FROM SINGAPORE, AND THE ONLY REASON I AM WRITING IN CAPITALS IS SO YOU WON'T MISS THIS POST. I came across your blog while surfing another blog on screenwriting. I was ecstatic to find that i had actually stumbled upon the writer of my favorite episodes of CHEERS, AND FRASIER AND MASH! I work as a television writer in Singapore - a tiny dot of a country somewhere in Asia, and I learnt comedy writing by taping down and watching again and again episodes of mash and cheers. Your work has inspired this writer from way across the other side of the world.What I would love to read in your blog is your thoughts and opinions on comedy craft, and your recollections of your times working on mash and frasier and cheers.i am partiuclarly curious as to how you and issac broke the story of Room Service in Frasier. And did you write together or write separate those lines in that long scene?You said the frasier kind of comedy is dying - well, i am seriously keeping the flame burning in my part of the world. keep on blogging, ken!

Constance Reader

I love your blog, it starts my morning out laughing. I can't remember how I found it...I read so many blogs...Amateur (read: unpaid) screenwriter in Austin, Texas with a blog of my own, mostly about internet technology stuff. I'm going to Boston in a couple of weeks for the closing ceremony at the Boston Int'l Film Fest because my script is a finalist; I'll be thinking of you during my tour of Fenway!


Found this off a link by Jaime Weinman. I remember reading about your announcing misadventures and certainly recognize the name from TV credits, and I've enjoyed what I read (and I'm especially interested in the baseball as I used to cover a minor league team and even did public address announcing for them a few times). Keep it going.


It's fun to read the blog of someone I knew at school who's Hit the Bigtime right between the eyes!


Congrats on 200, Ken. I enjoy your ramblings, despite the fact that they regularly break through my sensory-overload induced haze and provoke meaningful thought!I think of your posts as the long versions of the pithy, brief over-the-intro comments of Beaver Cleaver - great to hear then, more fun to read now as they don't require sitting through 3 minutes of Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods.We share mutual friends (Howard Hoffman, etc.) who also learned about life from WB cartoons, Dan Ingram and "The Honeymooners". My left turn from radio has taken me to announcing TV game shows with Bob Barker, Dick Clark, Chuck Woolery, etc., to audience warm-up, to now combining those dubious abilities daily on the stage of the Jubilee Showroom at Bally's in Las Vegas for "The Price Is Right - Live". Yes, a Vegas-glitzy stage adaptation of a TV game show! No, the models do NOT work topless.Life is a crazy ride. Thanks for the daily insights!


because i have nothing better to do at my day job. fortunately, you're funny. thanks for sharing. from toronto.

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    Ken Levine is an Emmy winning writer/director/producer/major league baseball announcer. In a career that has spanned over 30 years Ken has worked on MASH, CHEERS, FRASIER, THE SIMPSONS, WINGS, EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, BECKER, DHARMA & GREG, and has co-created his own series including ALMOST PERFECT starring Nancy Travis. He and his partner wrote the feature VOLUNTEERS. Ken has also been the radio/TV play-by-play voice of the Baltimore Orioles, Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres.
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