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May 25, 2006


Tom Quigley

Speaking of coming out: David Hasselhoff's crying jag when Taylor was announced... David, during all those years of BAYWATCH, was it the Playmates you cast as lifeguards, or the real lifeguard, Newman -- the guy who looked like a stork chasing his dinner when he jumped into the waves -- that you wanted?

Tom Quigley

Meant to add -- What are the odds that in a couple of years, Taylor's career choices have boiled down to two options? (1) A nightly "Soul Patrol" musical revue at Bally's on the Strip, and (2) Doing SUV commercials for the new, fuel-efficient Kia Sorento....

M. Weinstein

Fun blog. I stopped watching after catching some performances that would make Paul Anka pro-choice (had he been there).

Mary Stella

Somewhere, a family mourns the death of their guinea pig. Small solace not that their beloved pet appeared on the AI finale, sprawled on top of Clay's head.

Will Teullive

Taylor Hicks.. You are a talented guy and good luck to ya’. One question though. How did you manage to look older than Keith Richards when you are only 29? Keith has decades of self-abuse to blame. After 10 years of pop fame can we expect Taylor to resemble Andy Rooney?


Open auditions for AMERICAN IDOL 6 begin in just a couple of months. Start dying your hair grey and choking on escargot.And develop that Southern accent, too. Like NASCAR, it's a regional obsession gone national, although here it developed in the opposite direction.

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