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May 22, 2006


Paul Duca

Sounds like you had a great time...tell me, was this a large or small ship? My mother and sister went on a Mediterranean cruise a couple of years ago. Their vessel was touted as a smaller, more intimate one, that could go into smaller, less touristy ports.

Stephen Gallagher

Which brings me to the food. It was very good. Of course the British thought it was spectacular. That probably means there was a lot of it. When we moved house, all our new neighbours recommended restaurants in the area and the highest possible praise was, "The food hangs off your plate. My wife couldn't finish hers."And we Brits still can't quite believe our luck when faced with a buffet. We think if we can only eat enough that one time, we'll never need to pay for food again.

Emily Blake

Pompeii was kind of fascinating. When I went, I chaperoned ten teenagers who only wanted to hear about how people used the bathroom back then. Our tour guide, who smoked like eighty thousand cigarettes as an ancient Italian remedy for his viscious hangover, obliged by going on about how the ancient Pompeiieans used their own pee to bleach clothes. Those kids couldn't tell you anything about what actually happened to the city, but they remember cleaning clothes with piss.


I think they tore down the Davey Lopes statue after he managed the Brewers into the ground.


Completely unrelated, but Lifetime aired the previously-referenced FRASIER ep last night (the one with Niles and Lillith sleeping together). It was very cool to have read the meatiest scenes only days before seeing it enacted. What timing!

MaryAn Batchellor

Cruising is my favorite way to travel.


Starbucks maybe on the way but a statue of a portuguese baseball player...We can all rest assure.

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