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May 21, 2006


Beth Ciotta

"So what if it’s humiliating? You’re a writer. Get used to humiliation...":) I'm going to have to tape that near my desk. Best wishes to the submitting writers and welcome home, Ken!

Julie W.

Worst. Staffing. Ever. This is the first year in my career (7 years) that I haven't even had a showrunner meeting. My friends, many of whom have been at it even longer, are saying the same thing. Everyone's freaking out. The sitcom may "come back" eventually, but right now I'm thinking of starting up an internet porn site with female Jewish sitcom writers sprawled naked on a bed of lox. Welcome back -- from a (former) lurker, (current) stress case and (future) Barista.


Coming from a non-screenwriter--but a writer nonetheless... this is a WONDERFULLY inspirational post. One that says, "Get your a$$ out there and get noticed!"No writer can refuse that advice! Thanks...


right now I'm thinking of starting up an internet porn site with female Jewish sitcom writers sprawled naked on a bed of lox.It's been done.Not that it's a bad idea. I mean I masterbated to it.


So you're saying -- and I hope I have this correct -- that if we can get representation, manager or agent, we can send specs to showrunners ourselves without any effort from said agent or manager, provided he or she is guild signatory. Is that right?


Glad you're back, Ken. Over the past two weeks, I was able to clean out all the beer cans, pizza crusts, stale Krispy Kremes, several animal pelts, and some large furry food product you left under the "Happy New Year!!!" post last December. It took several bottles of bleach to neutralize whatever that was.It was an honor being your blogmaster in your absence. I'm proud to say that no one was seriously injured here under my watch. Nothing the paramedics couldn't handle anyway.

Will Teulllive

I'm not a showrunner, I don't have a spec. script, hell I barely even watch T.V. But,I would like to know how to get women on my staff?

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