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May 24, 2006



Eurovision - hilarious. I think they were meant to be orcs.London - expensive.

Scribe LA

Steven Moffat... yay. Any trade secrets from the evening?


So the Finnish act won Eurovision? Heard something on the BBC last week that its representative (a heavy metal band with alleged satanic overtones) was drawing all sorts of criticism from several countries. That may be the most controversial Eurovision selection since Dana International, an Israeli transsexual, won it a few years back.


I liked the idea of going for my holidays to Greece. I'm not sure about Athens, but Santorini... My friend told me that it's worth visiting this island. I was searching through the internet good Santorini hotels and finaly my choice is La Perla Villas - it's in Oia. I hope I'll not regret about this choice...


But is there anything interesting in Europe? Apparently not.

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