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June 25, 2006


Beth Ciotta

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Until Henry the Puffy Taco is included in the Hall, it's not legit.


If "Hardball" was still on the air, (and we know how unlikely that would have been), they could have built a whole episode around this idea. And as I remember the Pioneers' Hardball, if he didn't make the cut, he'd probably punch out all the other nominees.


I'll vote for the Goofball but only if Tom Poston comes in to do the acceptance speech.


My vote is for the mascot Mr. Happy Crack. I read about him in the Wall Street Journal & have been a huge fan ever since. His website mrhappycrack.com is hilarious!


I miss the old LA Kings mascot, Kingston. If you wanted any pre-chewed gum, cigarette butts or uneaten gummy bears, you could just pick it out of his head during the game.


Almost forgot my second nomination to Goofball: This thing.


...aaaaaaand, let's not forget that he has the whole bike-horn in the nose gag trademarked.

Mary Stella

I'm just sitting back here all smug because my Phillie Phanatic is already in the hall. I'm sure he was a first ballot electee, too.What, no jogging Brats up for election? No Mr. Met?


You created capitol city goofball...that's awesome!- Allen

Poodle Head

those mascots frighten me.

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