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June 23, 2006


John Reha

My first full-length screenplay was written with a partner, and I gotta say, Ken's right on. Having someone else there to validate your work (or invalidate, in certain cases) helps move the work along. At our peak, we were both writing about 10-15 pages a night (four hours work).The writing seperately thing got old, but working out the idea, beats, and treatment together is a lot of fun.

Beth Ciotta

Waving to David. So glad you and Ken found one another and congratulations on the longtime relationship!Thank you for answering my questions, Ken. I couldn't imagine and now I don't have to. :) I'm always intrigued by another writer's process, especially when they work with someone else. I wrote my first three novels with a partner. Cyndi and I checked our egos at the door and had a fabulous time. As we live three hours apart, the head-to-head approach was only possible for initial brainstorming. I must admit I'm envious of your speed. Although I don't have 33 years experience under my belt yet. Maybe there's hope! As for a successful partnership, wouldn't you say a lot relies on chemistry? How are you going to work that into your match.com? LOL

Paul Duca

Beth's comment brings up something I've been wondering about, Ken...how difficult was it for you and David to work together, while you were going all over the country calling baseball games? Did you use phones or fax machines? Did David have to fly out to where you where regularly? (I do believe most of your behind the mike stint was before high-speed Internet was common, so I can't see you sending e-mails with a full script as attachment).

Ken Levine

Since most of the season was in the summer and most of our TV work was done in the Fall-Winter, we were able to pull this off. A few times we split scripts up. A few times David met me on the road and we worked together. But you're right. No internet. I would make a floppy disk of the script I was working on and FedEx it to my secretary.

Laura Reyna

Thanks, Ken! Very informative.~L


Thanks Ken!You should do a match service for us reclusive writers,,, it would be good! SWF right here! Here's a question for you-- What advice do you have for recent TV writing graduates? How do I balance writing and trying to get an agent and all of this stuff while slogging away at a PA gig? What do you know now that you wish you knew at 22?Thanks man!

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