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July 31, 2006



Hey, Louie's last name would be De Palma, would it?


Jeez, as dreadful as John Sterling is, I don't think he'd ever stoop to that.


That guy makes Harry Doyle look like Walter Cronkite.I once got to be the fill-in public address announcer for a Class A team in Appleton, Wis. (To set this up, it was once an Orioles farm and Earl Weaver managed there for a year). Between innings, I'd give the big-league scores off the radio; we'd listen to the Milwaukee Brewers. In one game, Weaver was ejected, and when the half-inning came, I said"In the fifth inning at Baltimore, it's Milwaukee 5, Baltimore 3 (pause, polite applause...) and Earl Weaver has just been ejected from the game."Whereupon the crowd about 500 lets out a whoop, and I look down and the minor-league home plate ump is pumping his fist as if he'd just thrown out Weaver himself.Good times...


You're making me nostalgic...I once interviewed for and was offered a job in the front office of the Wilmington Blue Rocks. It was before anyone had paid me to write, and I was sick and tired of Hollywood. My wife and I stayed up all night agonizing over whether or not to give up the Hollywood dream and move to Wilmington.The next morning I passed, and the following year got my first TV gig. Most people think I did the right thing that day, but Ken, you can appreciate this - there have been many times, like today for instance, when I've actually wondered if I did indeed make the right decision.

Paul Duca

Mr. Guyot...would this have been a front office where you don't necessarily get fired for one off season?

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