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August 24, 2006



Having worked at Goodspeed myself many times-I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your blog and your insights about the area. Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh...and yes, aren't the goodspeed opera folks the best? I love them dearly. Great theatre!


Thank you for giving Chester its 15 minutes of fame and for providing the rest of the world with a glimpse into this small Connecticut town. Your insights were humorous and true and we certainly appreciate the time and effort you spent acquiring all of your observations! As a Goodspeed employee, I just want to tell you personally that I absolutely loved "The 60's Project" and I hope it continues on to a larger venue. Thanks for letting us take care of it for a few months!Tara


Ken,I really enjoy your blog and find it very engaging and insightful every day. I was rewatching "Grizzly Man" the other day and realized that one of the main points that his father makes is that he changed when he was not offered the part on "Cheers" that was given to Woody Harrelson. His father claims that he was very close to receiving the role. I don't know if this is something that you can address in a future post but think it would be very interesting for those who have seen the film.


Ah Roast Meat Hill...My favorite road in Killingworth. My friend who grew up there told me why it was named as such. If I remmeber correctly, the short version of the story is that there was a barn at the top of the hill which burned while the livestock was locked inside. I'm sure when she reads this she'll correct me.I get to laugh at that street because she laughs at one near my hometown (also in CT) called Nimrod Farm rd in Weston.ZAK


In Waterford, CT there's a Spithead Road. Apparently this is a legitmate geographical term. To my ten-year-old self it was a gelatinous head-shaped bag of saliva... on a road...You know, I could give you a history as to why we're called the Nutmeg State, and the Constitution State, and the "Land of Steady Habits." But I'd rather read the speculation as to why on here instead.By the way, I also loved The 60's Project. Can't wait to sell my soul for tickets on opening night in New York someday.Thanks for coming to Connecticut! And really, the bugs aren't that bad... but the biker gangs are!Twain's Angels, mount up!


Loved your CT insights. Here in Branford, along with the restaurants, even most pizza places are closed Mondays.Never understood the lack of motorcycle helmets myself. I always chalked it up to "thinning the herd".One correction: Lyme is the home of Lyme disease. Otherwise it would be Old Lyme disease, n'est pas?Next time you're in CT, Mike & I will take you to one of the three birthplaces of pizza in New Haven (Sally's, Pepe's or Modern Pizza). I prefer Modern. Mike tells me they now even has a Pepe's in Fairfield! Planning to see The 60's Project on Sunday (closing night).BOB


The rest of the state has Nathan Hale, but my little town sticks to its three local heroes: Eli Whitney, Thornton Wilder, and Ernest Borgnine.


Ken, somehow you left out a mention of Pat's Country Kitchen in Old Saybrook. It's the home of Clam Hash, which, believe it or not, is very good -- especially if you like clams. And hash.Almost relieved the tortures of the show I was doing at Chester.Steve

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