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August 25, 2006



Hi KenWhat did you think aaron sorkin's new show, and how did it compare with tina fey's? i thought aaron's new show wasn't as great as the pilot for his west wing which had a killer ending. This new one, actually started with a high, the judd hirsch giving his i'm mad as hell speech, and then it kinda slowed down - the story was pretty thin for the pilot.


I liked "It's All Relative" if its any consolation at all...


Before Beerfest was released, the theatres in Westwood were showing World Trade Center and Snakes on a Plane. Wow.


you know why paramount fired Tom Cruise, right?...it's cuz their *thetons* are out of CONTROL.once they start using their E-meters again, they'll rehire him.


I will dance a jig naked in downtown whatever town I am in on the day American Airlines goes out of business. I hope there is a place in hell for every executive who flew that misserable airline into the ground.


And does it bother you, Tina, that NBC is promoting the snot out of the Aaron Sorkin show (which is essentially your exact same premise) and hardly anything for yours?She'll feel better when that show falls flat on its ass. Which it will.

Will Teullive

I think Letterman started to mail it in right after his quadruple bypass surgery.We didn't even get a chance to miss Bradley Whitford since he never went away. It's good to see Steven Weber back on primetime.Tom Cruise may finance his next project. It's about a bi-polar dude in his mid-forties who shuns traditional medicine and pioneers a still controversial couch jumping therapy that's way ahead of it's time.

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