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August 29, 2006


The Curmudgeon

What an affectionate tribute to your show -- and to your daughter. I can imagine what you had to edit out of the latter so as to pass muster with her.One suggestion -- and a question.The suggestion:"The Teamsters are pansies compared to the Equity Union."You might want to lose this line before somebody gets hurt. (beat) If you know what I mean. (beat) And I know you know.The question:"The guard at every stage door is named 'Pops'."Didn't we all learn this from the MGM musicals? Or do you figure today's readers have never seen an MGM musical?

The Minstrel Boy

god help me, i love it so. . . my time in pit orchestras holds some of my favorite memories. that whole magic and electricity thing is a sublime artistic acheivement that is magnified when you know the tension and chaos from which it springs. . .

Beth Ciotta

Happy Birthday, Annie! And, Ken, thanks for the entertaining tribute to your first musical. Regarding the drummer... he's the backbone of every band/muscial ensemble. If the drummer's weak, you're sunk. Glad to hear you got a good one. :)


The Jerry Belson quote is funny, but nothing's funnier than watching Jerry eat a bowl of rice during a 3 AM re-write.

Paul Duca

Ken, it's wonderful to have someone like you as a guide to places and things most of us never get to see. If I don't get at least one good belly laugh a day here, I wonder if you're not feeling well.


Veen,What better way to wish your daughter a happy birthday than on your blog. Better hope for a Tony because you just lost a lot of points for the 2006 FOY. KC


Great post! I'm opening a play (not a musical) next weekend and am passing this on to my hard-working cast for a laugh...

Michael Tabb, WGAw Writer

I spent my adolescence through grad school on stage in musicals and you nailed it on the head. Thank you so much for this trip down memory lane, Ken. Now, back to my script :)

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