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September 28, 2006


Paul Duca

I hope now you Tivo it and watch HELP ME HELP YOU in real time...after all, I'm sure Hugh Laurie never sent Matt and Annie anything for their bar/bat mitzvah.


I do not watch HOUSE any more. Same old story every week.


I can't watch any medical shows. The psychosomatic symptoms are a bear.Tried watching Saint Elsewhere back in the day and was doubled over with severe abdominal pain. I felt better after watching a McDonald's commercial, but strangely felt the need to wipe grease offa my lips...


My buddy Chris is doing his residency here in NYC, and the last few weeks it's been for internal medicine. His best story to date: a guy comes in complaing of pain and discomfort in his abdomen. They do some of the basic tests, blood work, ask him what he ate, yadda yadda yadda. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him at all. Nothing. So they send him to x-ray.The guy had an entire beer bottle shoved up his ass. No lie. I guess he didn't think that part needed mentioning.I would love to see House deduce that one before the x-ray. LOVE it...


I only liked that show when Sela Ward was on it!


The way you describe it it sounds like Diagnosis: Denial. Maybe Dick Van Dyke should have been given a crack at it.

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