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September 24, 2006



You probably couldn't sell Bay City Amusement Company because you were trumped by another "Bay" (Bay Watch) and its bronzed bikini babes.I pitch new ideas everyday, but the bartender at the Cowgirl keeps telling me she's not buying this season.

Constance Reader

Ken, could you tell me who played the main characters on "Almost Perfect"? I'm trying to remember the show but I can't, and IMDB for some reason I can't fathom does not list the characters of Kim and Mike in the full cast list. Here's the link:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0111877/fullcredits


Nancy Travis and Kevin Kilnerhttp://www.tv.com/almost-perfect/show/264/cast.html?tag=tabs;cast


Nancy Travis and Kevin Kilnerhttp://www.tv.com/almost-perfect/show/264/cast.html?tag=tabs;cast

Constance Reader

Thanks, Alan! I think I'm remembering it now...


To paraphrase what the Kevin Spacey character said in "Swimming With Sharks", "They're not dead... they're just unavailable."


Every time I hear about "Almost Perfect", I'm sad to think of what should have been. That show should have run 7 years on the network, and lived on in syndication forever. I understand that it was CBS that wanted to drop Kevin Kilner for the second season. The premise was completely gone, and the show died about 4 episodes later. What a shame.


Damn Ken, now I'm going to have to watch TV Land (or prolly ALN Network) to try and find an episode of Mister Peepers.

Dante Kleinberg

The opening episode of the seventh season is the one with all the stunt casting.Colin Hanks is the wacky cousin, Lisa Kudrow comes out of retirement to play the ghost of the neighbor...


Re: constance reader...you are right.Why does IMDB feel the need to screw up a very nice, useful website?Everytime they change things around, they make it that much worse.


I am always so hopeful at pilot season, then so disappointed at staffing season.Has anyone ever actually pitched, "This is a load of crap and won't even see October" and sold it?I have to believe that has happened... I have to

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