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September 26, 2006



Yeah, I"m a little baffled too. The drama isn't all that dramatic:The woman who dumped Matthew Perry is mad he's dating someone else? Get over it.Matthew Perry is mean to his writers.Steven Weber says, "Don't run the sketch," Amanda Peet says, "we *will* run the sketch!" This is drama?And, for something billed as a semi comedy, nothing funny has happened yet.


Well when I talk about it with other people I start out by saying "I love it but that sketch didn't work." I think it's a very entertaining show, the dialog is a little too on the nose sometimes and jesus did that sketch bomb. They should incorporate it bombing into the show.I still find it a lot of fun to watch. The Class was much better this week as well.


I wish everyone would give Studio 60 five or so episodes to develop and stop analyzing every beat. I liked it. It's got a good premise and good acting. Just leave it alone for a bit and see what happens.

Ken Levine

I liked it too. Didn't love it although I wanted to. But I will continue to watch. Meanwhile, people are talking about it and that is every producer's DREAM. Right behind ratings and Emmys but still very high on the wish list.

The Master

I must admit I felt like I was visiting Mars for a minute when the Friends guy ordered a room full of comedy writers to dress better and wear ties. Hello? How about ordering them to write funny sketches? Who cares how writers dress? Not even writers.And no, the Sarah Paulson character shows no signs whatever of being funny, or interesting. and I can't believe that the entire cast would put up with being forced to pray before the show. If that had ever happened on a show I was in (I acted for 30 years) I'd have gone ballistic. Meanwhile, D.L. Hughley and Nate Cordrey are funny, and we haven't been allowed any evidence of that either.The good thing about shows with Mandy Patinkin is that frees up an hour of my TV time, because I swore off anything with that horrific overactor years ago. The man even overacts when he sings.The "Bug fat lazy Heavy Metal artist" on "Survivor: Helter Skelter" completely blew my mind with his "Love at first sight" fantasy world. That man is seriously insane."Desperate Housewives" has always been full of disastrous dinner parties, from the begining. I am looking forward to some Joe Keenan bedroom farce, though.Have you checked out "Heroes", or "X-Men by any other name" yet?Am taping Ted Danson's new show to check out after the L&Os end for the evening.


Seems a little like TV fascinated by itself. Network navel-gazing. I wanted to like it, but mostly I wanted the characters to be likable and their repartee to be funny, and to my tastes, this failed to deliver on either front. As far as the drama goes- it was a little like listening to a teenager complain about their day- the problems are trivial, and it's hard to get involved with them.


Aaron Sorkin isn't a funny writer. He never has been, he never will be, but in the world of the 60 minute drama, "amusing" is often confused as funny. It isn't. The person who should be writing a TV show ABOUT comedy should at least have the ability to BE funny when necessary in the world of that show... in addition to being able to dramatize the action. This isn't West Wing where none of us really knew how a White House ran or how a President faced serious decisions. We all know what's funny and makes us laugh, and since the show that the show is about is incapable of making ANYONE laugh, I find this to be nothing more than exercise of ego.And a special note to "shecanfilmit": They had 8 weeks of pre-production to prepare that 2nd episode... and it blew. Why sould anyone think they'll have the time to improve the show now that they are under the gun of delivering 3 episodes every 4 weeks?


Poor Chandler, he will suffer the same fate as Joey. Frankly, those of us in the "flyover states" (as Julie Goes to Hollywood calls them) can't get worked-up over the happenings in the entertainment industry.And I keep waiting to see something funny.


Hey now, back off Mandy.He's been great in at least 3 things, 4 if you count those adds for a chloresteral pill.

Cage Free Brown

I gave it ten minutes to thrill me on a Bravo re-broadcast. I love the idea of the Bravo re-broadcast since I couldn't be bothered to TIVO it.writers don't long to write for Mandy Patinkin? live and learn.


Mandy was terrific on Dead Like Me and those cholesterol commercials.


"Heroes" is the only show I've wanted to watch twice so far. I really want Studio 60 to succeed, but right now, I'm not sure what it is.


I love Aaron Sorkin's writing, and I've been following him from "A Few Good Men" to "Sports Night" (Which got me through my Sophomore blues at Northwestern) to "The West Wing" and now "Studio 60"... hell, in High School even I was in a one-act written by him called "Hidden in this Picture". That being said and my adoration aside, I've noticed he has a tendency to create a bit of elitism in the way his characters master the problems of a plotline. In the West Wing, it tended to come out as a very snide view of Republicans and that hurt the arguments of his characters considerably when he fell back on a tone that seemed to imply that "anyone who doesn't believe what I believe is stupid or a redneck". In Studio 60, the second episode really didn't involve much cooperation with the conflicting forces. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford were going to shove quality entertainment down the unwanting masses throats and in the end we'll all thank them. Which we still root for them, because they're two very talented and charming actors. On the other hand, at the very least I'd like to see Perry cooperating with the writing staff in the future (especially the two "token untalented writers", played by excellent actors Evan Handler and Carlos Jacott), rather than just labelling them patently unfunny. What I saw in the second episode was less making a TV show and more two guys coming in that were inherent genius, and when no one else matched up to their innate talents, they just decided to write the show themselves and make it a success.Unfortunately, I don't see much of a future in the show for old Ron and Ricky, who have been called hacks about once every five minutes in both the pilot and this week's episode.


Ken! The Mariners fired Ron Fairly. That means it's time for you to make your proud return as the Mariners' broadcaster. Please make some calls!Shawn


Studio 60 is a mess. Can't compare to "The Larry Sanders Show", so far the best show depicting TV back stage. They changed the music from White Stripe to Gilbert and Sullvian???? Come on, the supposed audience for Studio 60 wouldn't know they were! Just read that Sorkin has a Gilbert and Sullivan jones, so that explains why. But it wasn't as bad as "Shark", a total piece of crap. Bad Perry Mason imitation.


My roommates and I really enjoyed both episodes so far of Studio 60.I have nothing else to contribute.


You guys have to get over Matthew Perry's character chewing out the writers about their clothes. Didn't you see later in the show when he actually mocked his own rant? It went something like "I lectured the writing staff about their wardrobe. Apparently it's something I feel passionate about." It was an anxiety-related outburst, nothing more.


Studio 60 is funny. It's just not a comedy. The best line in the 2nd episode was a throw-away. When the woman frantically trying to book a replacement musical guest at the last minute says she's on the phone with Clay Aiken's manager, DL Hughley's character says, "Well then, hang up the damn phone!" I laughed out loud.Give it 5-6 episodes and we'll talk.BOB


Yeah, the Gilbert & Sullivan thing was a complete miscalculation. All episode long, Matthew Perry won't stop talking about how the cold open has to be funny and edgy and announce that there is a new regime at the show, and his conclusion is to parody the lyrics of a showtune from 100 years ago? It looked like something out of the Carol Burnett Show - not a smart and edgy late night comedy show. Also, putting the cast in white evening wear and having them bob up and down in time with the LA symphony doesn't exactly call to mind hip and cool. I don't care what they were saying... speaking of which, the lines came and left so fast it was impossible to process and laugh... sure, that's the pace of the song, but, well, obviously I've been stewing about this and needed a release.And yes, the Big Three have yet to make me laugh. These are comedy heavyweights?Regardless, I'll be tuning in again next week.


I am Juan Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!Gold!


The Aiken gag gave my nostrils a beer rinse.People I've talked to like the premise and hope the show does well.What was the line about Whitford's character's project being about Nikola Tesla? It felt like a private joke, but frankly I'm waiting for this damn film!


Like everyone (pretty much) has said, I've enjoyed Studio 60 too. It still hasn't gelled and I think it remains to be seen if it'll be a decent show or a good one. Part of the problem, I think, is the fact that all the talk is supposed to produce something that can never be delivered. It kind of kills the joke if you already know the punchline. (And can Hari ever live up to the hype?) The actual cold open sketch was a little off to me--the big joke is that the new producer "got caught doing blow"? I mean, maybe I'd laugh if they made a joke about Lorne Michaels doing blow, but if Lorne had a melt down the previous week on camera and they skipped that to make a joke about the new producer, I'd be a little disappointed. They've got to figure out which Studio 60 is about which Studio 60. (Evadne)


It is a fact that Mandy Patankin is the male Liza Minelli. That being said, Im taking a wait & see approach on Studio 60. I like (dont love) what Ive seen so far. I think we have to be careful that our general synicism doesnt smash the egg before it has a chance to hatch.Also, I want to see the trickle down effect on Lorne & Cast at SNL. Can we get a funny Dane Cook premiere? Can we get more than 3 good shows a season? Is Will Ferrell available (no, but Fey may be...).


Here's the deal with NBC and Aaron Sorkin:Seems to me that NBC (which once fired Sorkin off WEST WING, the show he created) wanted him back so badly that they are letting him do anything he wants. The result is STUDIO 60, a show which wants to do nothing more than see how far it can kick its foot up the ass of the very studio that's financing it.NBS? I'm sure they were thrilled when that was in the first script.Sorkin is now going to bite the hand that feeds him week in and week out and NBC will take it all like some battered wife in a trailer park. That said, the thing I'm worried sick about the most is my fear that it's all going to come to a nasty conclusion like something out of "The Burning Bed" wherein NBC, sick of the abuse, sets Sorkin's hair on fire. Of course THAT will be funny to watch.


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