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October 29, 2006



People who judge humor by the comic's politics judge paintings by how well the artist stayed in the lines.More than enough will continue to come here for the humor and the interesting observations.


Just remember, gang: everything is not ideology.


Eh. If I limited myself to reading sites written solely by Hollywood Conservatives, I'd run out of stuff to read pretty quickly.But if you start regularly badmouting the Astros, I'm outta here.

Ken Rasak

It's your blog, and anyone who thinks they have the right to dictate what you should write about is a bully who wants to silence you.


I assume you’re referring to the Friday post? Is that all it takes to potentially upset readers so that words like "ideology" and such come out? I found this brief post is more outside the usual approach on your blog. Readers should know this is a blog, not some autonomous textbook. Blogs began with offering a flexible format where narrative remains open as it developed out of a kind of thinking-on-one’s-feet sort of way. That has benefits, so, like 'real time' response and things like that are included as the norm, not the exception. It allows in different kind of material that attracts types of readerships and interchange. Why pretend it should remain politely outside any influence from the author’s world – that’s neither the strong suit nor the foundation idea.Can't picture the author and the views together? Good - how about more of that, not less. I for one have had enough of flat 2-D types passing as people.I can't imagine the essential tv era M.A.S.H. working without Gelbart, if just as he had an opinion that informed it. If that bothers people that whatever informed his perspective on a tv series with a Korean War analogy may have been updated in his actual life into this latest script of sorts - then I think they anyway miss the point of discovering what may lie in a script, in a narrative and so on. I do wonder why it was written that way, more like a conkret-poetry meets laundry list as impossibly total recall, which is, in its own way, moving, if not eerie.


My first reaction to that post was jealousy, because I do not receive personal emails from Larry Gelbart. But I got over it. Besides, the reason I read blogs in the first place is to get personal opinion. It's election time. When are people supposed to talk about the issues--Christmas? I do come here for the humor. But it won't kill me to read thought provoking posts once in a while.

Mike Barer

They need to get over it, for God's sake. When people say Hollywood figures should entertain and not give their views, what they are really saying is they cannot handle hearing something that they disagree with. I think I'm bigger than that. Matt Hasselbeck is a hero to me and I certainly do not see eye to eye with him. I loved Steve Largent as a player but would never vote for him to hold office. It is really the right that is obscessed with Hollywood because that is what the entertainment world is geared toward.

Shakespear it Wasnt

sardinia, g-d help us if you considered that thought provoking ... that list was just typical left wing talking point combined with typical left wing bush derangement and bush hate.

Ken Levine

Had to delete another anonymous comment. Gotta leave your name, folks. As you can see from other comments I don't censor opposing opinions UNLESS they're from "anonymous".


I suppose the thinking is that we get enough BDS and/or political opinion every the hell where else. That post was nothing of substance at all, just a spewed-forth list of both real and imagined slights that one could tune in to Kos or Firedoglake or D.U. to read.It seems *beneath* this blog somehow. But what do I know. I'm just a reader.


Hey, it's your blog. Vent away! I may not necessarily agree with it, but that's not going to prevent me from enjoying the site and your writing.

Joshua James

Your blog, Ken, you're under no obligation do write anything other than what you wish - if anonymous neo-cons can't handle that, you're better off without them anyway.


Just checked out JimK's blog. Guess what it's about?A) A fresh breeze of non-partisanshipB) An oasis of apolitical banter - orC) Right wing opinions titled "Right Thoughts"We'll have the answer after these messages...


Occasionally people find things they disagree with in random blog searches, and then, even if they've never read the blog before, will post "I used to read this all the time but not anymore", to try and make you feel like you've done something wrong. Ignore them. I doubt any of them have ever come here before.Jimk: "Beneath this blog"? Give me a break. Argue your case if you want, but don't pretend you have the moral high ground here.


I don't think anyone who uses the term BDS is in a position to preach about what belongs in a blog. The Right has made it a habit of questioning the mental health of people who disagree with their views. If they only way you can support your positrion is to accuse your opponents of "derangement," or being "unhinged," you don't have much of a leg to stand on.


Often found that people who dont like other people's opinions have high opinions of themselves....but that's only my humble opinion. In the words of the Dalai Lama.....screw 'em. That could be a misquote....but the sentiment works.cheersDave.

Fred Wickham

I thank you for giving us Larry Gelbart's list. A catalog of evil clears the mind.


Just checked out JimK's blog. Guess what it's about?There are a number of reasons why this is a lie. But why trust me? See for yourself if dario really "checked out" my blog. Here's a list of the last ten titles to posts on my blog:- Coffee pod of the day - Baronet Dark Kenya AA (maybe I missed a memo. is reviewing coffee a right-wing thing now?)- Battlestar Galactica - Collaborators (surely this is a pro-Cheney love poem, right?) - Worryin' 'bout this wasted time (a stupid joke about the time change)- Thesis statement: CSI Miami is the worst show on TV (sure, it seems like I'm posting about CSI Miami, but it's really more of a disseration of how Jeb Bush is the sexiest leader Florida has ever known. Or, perhaps, it's actually a post about how horrible CSI Miami is. I suppose it's all in your perspective.)- Gun to your head - pick one (a post about which tranny I would rather do if I had to choose. OBVIOUSLY I hate the gays and want to ban gay marriage, this post is proof.)- Broken trust, broken faith (a post about how the Republicans have violated the trust of conservatives and libertarians who supported them, which clearly illustrates my love and devotion to all things GOP)- And this little piggy went poop poop poop poop all the way to your grocer's shelves (a post about how stupid the right-wing bloggers who tried to blame the e. coli spinach scare on Mexicans are)- Coffee pod of the day - Cafejo Kenya (pretty damn obvious)- What? Why is everyone looking at me like that? (an unfortunate screencap from some local news show)- Training dirty, dirty whores at an early age *UPDATED* - With video! (selling stripper poles to kids)- Coffee pod(s) of the day - Gourmet Café Estate Costa Rican (can you tell I like coffee?)- Firefox 2.0 (gee, I wonder what this could be about?)I have done almost nothing but criticize the Bush administration for the last two years. I simply choose to criticize what I see as actual issues rather than make things up. Conspiracy whackos and barking moonbats are stupid no matter what side of the aisle they call home.Dario, I'm calling you a flat-out liar. You saw the title and the ads (which I accept from just about anyone) and you assumed you had me pegged. You never checked *anything* out.


I was not offended by the list you posted. However, after truly enjoying your humor, your love of baseball, and wonderful "behind the scenes" stories, I was disappointed to see it. Both you and Larry Gelbart posses incredibly agile minds and to pass along a list of "liberal clichés" doesn't represent you very well. Each of the items on that list is complex and worthy of discussion. To just shout out "Iraq!" does little to solve the difficulty of the problem. (A problem that has existed since long before the current Bush administration.)I will still read your blog. And my respect for Larry Gelbart will remain. But my love of your mental agility has dropped a touch. Imagine someone you really loved, who was funny and kind, admitting they voted for Bush. What would you feel about them? Keep up the good work.

Herbie Popsfarter

Good for you for sticking to your opinion, Ken. I realize you are treating us with this blog to spread some much needed humor, not controversy, but you can't worry about the groundhogs. Whenever they hear or see something they don't like... Sptang!!! It's into the hole and under the all-purpose canopy of ignorance. It's like the braniac who said "I got no problem with free speech, as long as you don't say it in public" - (C'mon... now THAT'S what I call comedy gold, baby!) Heck, even Letterman stood up against O'Lielly.


Your place, your rules. If people can't separate the ideas from the person, TFB. In my view, they have bigger problems that not agreeing with you. Carry on.


Well, I went back and checked. I owe you an apology. It's not right wing at all. It's a 2mb sleeping pill with the second amendment in the title.Your real right wing stuff is here.Geeze, you'd think you had a stake in Ken's site here. He's nowhere in any of your link lists. No, those are only loaded with...well, I'll just let the readers see for themselves, Mr. No-Politics.You distance yourself from Bush out here in the open, but in the online company you keep, you're just another partisan hack who came here to declare Larry Gelbart's post as "nothing of substance at all."Nice try. But it only took a few clicks to see where you're really coming from.


Well, I'm not going to clog this site with an argument with you. Everyone can clearly see you for the liar you are, Dario.Sorry for the flare-up, everyone. I just don't cotton much to liars. As evidenced by the very sites Dario didn't bother to read at *all*.

Douglas McEwan

Ken,How DARE you use YOUR blog to write about or post whatever you feel like without getting clearance first from every potential reader in America? Who the hell do you think you are? Ken Levine?In future, before posting ANYTHING, please check with every human being with a computer, to make sure we are all okay with it!Honestly folks. Take what you like and forget about the rest. To be frank, baseball bores the living crap out of me. I haven't watched a World Series Game in over 40 years. But I don't post comments on Ken's baseball entries saying "Would you please not write about this stupid game. I hate it." No. I just skip those, and read the ones I find interesting. I strongly suspect that Ken wouldn't be interested in everything that interests me either.But I loved, loved, loved Gelbart's post, and recommend Larry's wonderful book to all readers out there too.


See ya. And thanks for calling me a liar when I hit you with the facts - a time-honored right-wing ploy.

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