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October 27, 2006



Please indulge a gentle Conservative rebuttal:Nancy Pelosi.

Great Big Radio Guy

Amazing how the cons are so afraid of a girl.


Pelosi does not advocate torture as being an acceptable part of American behavior, nor is she a rubber stamp warmongering contributor to war crimes, and crimes against humanity, and has nothing in common with Gingrich, Blunt, Hastert, DeLay, or any of the rest of the George Bush Fascist Cabal which includes such luminaries as Joe Lieberman, Boner, Allen Pat Roberts, Hoeckstra, and many more "representatives of the people" who append an "R" behind their names! Refer to the subject list of this post.


Favourite one: Dicktatorship.I didn't see anything about insulting the French to get a cheap laugh - or is that still a national sport in the US?

Benton Harbor

It's Ray LaHood, not Roy. If Gelbart is airing his laundry list, he should at least get the name right. Perhaps people Gelbart should talk to the people in LaHood's district to see how they feel about him.And I thought your blog was above the fray.


The mere thought of Nancy Pelosi is torture..I could sum up the OTHER SIDE in three words:DUMB AND STUPID...Now I know why I never liked MASH!!


Excellent list, Ken, thank you.The first ten items on the list alone far oustrip any possible rebuttal.

Joshua James

Has Pelosi been convicte or indicted of anything? Has she violated the Fourth Amendment and lied about it? Did she suspend habeus corpes and take away american citizen's civil rights guaranteed by the constitution? Does she even have any power? YOu can not like her if you like, but don't pretend she's done anything terrible other than criticize a real corrupt administration. Please. Jules. Please. Anonymous. You should be ashamed of yourself. Dem's don't support any of the things you list, anon, those are simply the things the neo-con's SAY dem's stand for. but it's a lie. Just like when he said, "I never said stay the course." It's a fucking lie and you should be ashamed. YOu must be, anon, because you didn't sign your name. Keep that bullshit out of new york, you come here talking neo-con shit like that, you're gonna get smacked.


Please add:Pronouncing "Nuclear" as "Nucular"Overusing the word "Comprehensive" and not knowing it's meaning.And for President Bush now having been responsible for the deaths of almost as many American soldiers in Iraq as Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the deaths of American citizens on 9/11. Mr. President, American soldiers are American citizens too.

Charlie Kennedy

Amazing how the cons can't write comedy.

Robert Hogan

Another great reason to appreciate Larry Gelbart. And I'm a conservative.


What does all this prove? A pox on both houses! Both sides are horrible.Both sides are hypocritical. Both sides are more committed to their own agendas than doing good. And besides, no one can agree on what "good" is.I'm probably butchering the quote from Jon Stewart, but I believe he said it best....Politics is run by extremists on both sides, because the middle is too busy with doing shit.

Mustang Bobby

Great list, and the tightie-righties can't do anything to defend themselves except act like kids in the sandbox.They like to call the Democrats "the nanny party" as some kind of put-down, but apparently we need one to watch over the Republicans.

jim treacher


Jell Sanchez

Am I crazy or did he forget the best one of all: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED?

Mike Barer

I think that was an excellent post. You neo cons, this congress won't even hold the President accountable to the same rules that you overzealously prosecuted President Clinton.

Richard Jensen

Ken:Great list. Thank Mr. Gelbart for us. By the way, I tookl the liberity of posting the link on my blog. (It's a MySpace blog but still, every little bit helps.) Also I have to pass along a favorite Gelbart moment.Gelbart's a panelist on Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect" and he's sitting next to this Christian woman (Who's name I'm blanking on. Sorry.) who's saying how strip clubs encourage rape. And she describes how men walk out of these clubs "With hormones coming out of their eyeballs". Without missing a beat, Gelbart responds "Honey, that's not where they come out". I can only aspire to that kind of rapid response.


Let's see what happens for 2008. I'm a liberal, but I'm afraid we'll end up with a Clinton-Obama ticket. And while I would have no objection to a female or black president, to me it's too much "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" if they're both Ivy League lawyers, of whom we frankly have too many running the country -- liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican.


Scoreboard, bitches! The silent majority keeps speaking on election day. But Benson is right, both sides are wrong and their followers silly for following so blindly.


Actually, Joshua, Nancy Pelosi has done none ANY of the things you mentioned -- she can't, because the citizens of this country have wisely kept her and her like-minded friends out of power for the last 12 years.... and God-willing, another 12.P.S., if anyone reading this board has actually suffered from having any of these oft-mentioned "rights" taken away, please let us know. Yep, even one. Anyone? Hello?


Um... oldgringo... The Nancy Pelosi rebuttal was said with a bit of a wink. If I wanted to get into a deeper discussion, I'd post comments on Salon.


And yes, I know I made a typo in the previous post -- chalk it up to Conservative idiocy...


I always thought of Larry Gelbart as clever and funny.Apparently now, like my 92-year-old father-in-law, he's become opinionated and long-winded.Okay, Larry, we get it. You're a liberal democrat. It only took four words to say it.Bush, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama, Pelosi? It's the "usual suspects" and it won't make a bit of difference in the long-run. Sadly.

david o'hara

Did Larry leave out: Sadam no longer in power. The insurgents are terrified of democracy invading their backward countries. How can any woman be infavor of cutting and running from Afganistan where all the women were living in slavery?We had far more loses in the Civil War. How many Americans would have favored the North cutting and running back then. How many blacks?Don't anybody tell me there's no comparrison. There are always comparrisons - history repeats its self - always.

Douglas McEwan

KenGee, it seems everyone wants to jump down your throat when you post any opinion beyond "STUDIO 60 sucks". Last I heard, this was your blog for your thoughts.I loved Larry's email, and batch-sent it to my whole e-address book. Hopefully this evil cabal will lose a lot of power next week, and Bush and his evil, criminal, murdering administration will be sent packing in two years. It will take a century to wipe the stain off of American History.Oh, and "Greg", whether WE suffered from the Bush Administration's rape of the First Amendment or not is irrelevant. That ANYONE suffered from it, and many have, is more than enough. Call me old fashioned, but either you believe in Liberty and Justice for ALL, or your opinion is worthless.Thanks Ken.

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