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October 30, 2006


Great Big Radio Guy

Saw III? Neither did I.Thankyew. G'Night!

Herb Popsfarter

Oooh yeah... and he commands an army of demonic puppets - who hold the victims down and snicker like Ernie as he plunges the blade deeply into their esophagi. While Bob hangs filleted on the wall next to the blood scrawled words..."Not like the others"Geez... did I just write that? Waiter! An order of psychoanalysis to go, please. ;)

Ken Rasak

So Maria is a knife-wielding psychopath? Makes sense.

Richard Jensen

I smell a "Treehouse of Terror" episode!!

The Master

Sure, it's easy for you lib'rals to write yet another, tiresome anti-slasher tirade. Obviously you are a bunch of slash-and-run advocates. I read this blog to learn about who was a sonofabitch on MASH & CHEERS, not to have my pro-slasher sentiments insulted by baseball fans.Would you prefer that Freddy Krugar was still in power? Huh? Just answer the question.You know, when you support anti-slasher candidates, the kids who had sex in the cabin win.I'm never reading this blog again.

Ken Levine

To the Master,GREAT comment. I guess we're just a country divided of red blood states and blue blood states.

The Master

Thanks. I'd be flattered if I'd read your response, but I didn't because I'm never reading this blog again. I mean it this time.

Gary Mack

Happy Halloween and Happy Blog-anniversary Ken. A year ago your first post got all this started, so on behalf of all of your other addicted fans, THANK YOU!


That would be like having Mr. Rogers show us how to cook humans..... "Can you say Fava Bean?"


I'd like to second the happy blog-Anniversary, Ken. Great stuff!


I'm onboard and ready to produce the follow up movie, SLASHER GORDON VS EVIL ERNIE


That would be like having Mr. Rogers show us how to cook humans.....Well, that puts the song "It's You I Like" in a whole new light, doesn't it?

Julie O.

Jesus, Ken... that's messed up.Pitch it with Cap'n Kangaroo and his evil minion, Mr. Greenjeans. That, I'd buy.


I'm looking forward to seeing George Wendt as a psycho killer tonight on the SHOWTIME "Masters of Horror" show. From the promos I gather that Norm gets really pissed after a missed beer delivery!


I'd like to see Bruce Campbell as Ash Morgan take his chainsaw through a gaggle of Muppets on 'Sesame Street'. "Felt's back on the menu, boys!"I always thought the perfect way to screw up some little kid's head was to show him an episode of 'Blue's Clues' with the original guy Steve, and then suddenly cut to the scene in 'Homicide: Life On The Street' where that same actor is found dead in a high school locker room shower.Sorry, Junior. Steve's dead. Time for bed!


“Today I’m brought to you by the letters D.O.A.!! Love that!

Paul Duca

It WOULD be scary...as the actor who played Gordon HAS gone to the Other Side.


From what I here, the rumours of stdio 60's cancellation has been widely exagerrated. Although that just might be false hope.

Property Management Chicago

Scarrryyyyy!!!!! Oh no!!!!! I might have a heart attack or a nightmare.......

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