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October 28, 2006


Mike Barer

Still, game 4 was a cliffhanger


The World Series on Fox was unwatchable. Did the director get paid by the number of camera changes and extreme close ups? I'm still dizzy. And I didn't watch a lot of it. Baseball on Fox is worse than all sports on A(ways) B(ad) C(overage).


Hot Stove League time...if you're Stan Kasten and Jim Bowden, whom do you hire as the Nats' next manager: John Russell or Manny Acta?

Mustang Bobby

How many days until pitchers and catchers report?I wish it was tomorrow.I take comfort in the fact that as a life-long Tiger fan who was there for the highs in '68 and '84 and there for all the lows in between, I still love them. My fondest memories as a kid were listening to Ernie Harwell call the games from Briggs Field -- oops, Tiger Stadium -- as I lay on the back porch on a summer night and swatted mosquitoes, or drove to the Dairy Queen in the hot summer afternoon as he told us "That ball is loooooooong gone!" And being there when Denny McClain won 31, or watched the antics of the Bird, or living big league dream vicariously by going to the Lucas County Recreation Center in Maumee, Ohio, to watch the Mud Hens, the Tigers farm team play, and wonder which of the kids would some day put on the big D. I'm proud that Jim Leyland is from my home town (Perrysburg, Ohio, Class of 1962) and that baseball still means as much to me as it did when I was twelve or fifteen or twenty-one or whatever age I am now.Thanks for your wrap-up, Ken; it puts it all away for me and ready to bring them out when it's dark this winter -- even if it never gets cold -- and I can remember the day when Ernie opened the season with "the voice of the turtle." They don't do that for the Super Bowl.


In case you're wondering, the feeling you get standing in the middle of 10,000 screaming fans streaming through the gates of left field feels very much like a ride at the water park......oh, and we loved the world series in St. Louis by the way... but no hard feelings towards those who didn't....see ya in 109...


Well, at least I can still hear Harry Kalas do play-by-play...for NFL games on Westwood One radio. (He's nearly as good doing football as he is doing Phillies games.)

NY Expat

Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals for winning the 2006 World Series!And a special congratulations to all the African-American fans of the Cardinals...both of them.

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