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December 30, 2006



Wait so I'm Time's Person Of The Year and Best Blog reader?MAN I kick so much ass...I'm like an internet Jet Li.


You have these backwards. Your secretary must have made a mistake. Hey, it happens.BEST SEQUEL – MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3WORST SEQUEL – CLERKS 2

David O'Hara

I couldn't put the book, "Hello, the Agent lied", down.Great bathroom reading!I hope I'm not too late to send the Author notes: Beef up the ending and make the developement Execs. more intelligent. No audience will believe they are that dumb.


Glad you recognized "Spring Awakening." By the third or fourth minute of the show, I realized I was seeing something completely new and thrilling. And Ken, "Springtime for Zimmerman" is platinum funny! Love your blog (which I've linked on mine).

Tallulah Morehead

Lovely. Poor Stephanie Edwards. That will teach her to age!However, you have made two strange errors:1. I am Time Magazine's Person of the Year, you upstart.2. Regarding the Screech Sex Tape, "Maybe if it was Elizabeth Berkley." No, no! That should read "Maybe if it was Mario Lopez!" Even you straight boys can read Nielson ratings. Look at the ratings for "Celebrity Slap-Dancing" or whatever it was called. America drools over beautiful Mario. Does Miss Berkley even still have an agent? Are you sure she wasn't IN the Screech Sex Tape, only not billed, as her career is farther into the toilet than his? Did you watch it yourself, to make sure? I didn't think so.Now, WHY has the government declared Tuesday a National Day of Mourning for Saddam? I thought we didn't like him. And while Gerald Ford's pardoning of Nixon and his covering up for the real killers in the murder of JFK back on The Warren Commission were terrible crimes, I don't understand why they hanged him. Seems a little strict to me.

R.A. Porter

I'm going to get *so* beat up for defending Fox...WORST TV COMEDY – Anything on FoxI think The Loop is one of the funniest shows on television, and thankfully returning shortly. You've clearly forgotten The Class. That show's an object lesson in how not to create a sitcom.


Yeah, that Best Sequel/Worst Sequel gaffe is glaring.I hope tomorrow includes:BEST TV SHOW FROM A NOVEL: Dexter

Malachy Walsh

Friday Night Lights could qualify twice - Best TV Show from a book - which is one reason it's so good. It's got such a great canvas to work from.Anyway, great list...


Good lord! Why, oh why, did you show that picture of naked Britney? My eyes are burning and it won't go away!Thanks for giving Kevin & Bean their props. I've listened to no other morning show the entire 12 years I've been in LA.


If Britney exploits herself like that, just wait until she can make money off her offspring. Yikes. Nice tan, though.


1 - you forgot best new adult (not implying x-rated here) weekly TV cartoon: Venture Bros.2 - Mission Impossible 3!?...The only people recalling that film, and hawking that are S-tologists. Ken? Did you get a brochure at the screening? Take a test?


Was Friday Night Lights a movie?


Whoops of course it was, with Billy Bob Thorton. As you were. My bad, as the kids say.

Emily Blake

I hope I look that airbrushed when I'm pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair.

R.A. Porter

For everyone dogging on MI:3...did you see that limp noodle of a second movie by John Woo? Add that to the fact that many people truly disliked Brian De Palma's introduction to the franchise and I could see how Ken might actually have meant what he posted.J.J.'s film was well-paced and far more entertaining than I'd expected. I didn't bother to see it in the theater - Cruise burnout and fear that J.J. would lose his way at midpoint like he does as a showrunner - but when I finally did see it, my wife and I were pleasantly surprised. To me, this would be like calling Rocky Balboa the best sequel of the year; it sounds crazy until you compare it to what came last in the franchise.


Ken, are you conciously including 'The Simpsons' in "anything on Fox"?I would understand "anything else on Fox"...


I disagree aout opie and anthonythey are as original as howardwhich does not say much

Ken Levine

Hi, gang,To be clear -- any LIVE comedy on Fox. Maybe I'll go back and clarify in the post.As for MI3, I too am Tom-ed out, but I thought the movie was good. MUCH better than the two previous MI's. If Matt Damon starred in the same movie would there be such a backlash?


with respect, the NuWilshire is a PALACE, compared to the Westside Pavillion

Mike Barer

I would nominate you and Lloyd Thaxton for best BLOG discovery.


You left out "Best Blog by an Emmy winning writer/director/producer/major league baseball announcer." - By Ken Levine.Thanks--you rock!P.S. More Frasier scripts, please!

Will Hansen

Ken,I love this blog and agree with most of your choices.That said, your choice of BEST BOOK ON THE INDUSTRY -- "Hello, the Agent Lied" by Ian Gurvitz I agree about 75% with. Lose everything in italics and I love the book. I recommended it to my son who wants to be a writer.You, David and Ian are three of the best writers working. Thank you.


I'm shocked you don't consider House a comedy just because it's on FOX!! ;-)Lilly Wonka

Connor Petersen


Ken Levine

Thank you, Connor Peterson for observing my one rule -- leave your name. Anonymous slams will be deleted.As for Opie & Anthony:I don't hate them at all. At times I think they're very funny. But I think they sell themselves short by doing Howard Stern low road bits. They're better than that. They can be genuinely hilarious.

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