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December 31, 2006


Mike Barer

I may be off topic, but best act of courage was Dayna Klein, the pregnant lady who called 911, even after shooter ordered her not to after being shot in last July's Seattle Jewish Federation rampage. I know this is supposed to be light hearted but Ms Klein is a real hero in my book for preventing further loss of life.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who still loves Lost.

Douglas McEwan

Well then, WHO'S feces was Meatloaf rolling in? Inquiring morons want to know.Regarding "Worst asshole - Mel Gibson" Did you mean Has or Is? Meatloaf needs to know.As for Dick Cheney being the worst shot: he hit Harry Whittington in (NOT Sweet Dick Whittington, who is hairy.) in the face while somewhat drunk. Do you know how hard it is to shoot a friend in the face from several feet away when you're drunk? Try it sometime. It took me six attempts.Peter O'Toole & Helen Mirrin both appeared in "Bob Guccione's Caligula". I assume you're honoring them for other work.And I'm sorry, but I am Time Magazine's Person of the Year. Back off, Levine.


While watching "United 93", I saw Chip Zien and said to my wife "Hey, it's that guy from that show with Marty McFly's mother in it."My wife didn't care.


Would you say more about History Boys? I just saw it at an industry screening, and thought it was a fantastic adaptation -- until the appalling last 4 minutes, in which the entire meaning and drama was eviscerated. Do you know anything about why and how this happened? Do you think Bennett cut that deal before he wrote the movie, or do you think it happened later in the game?


There's a reason Rosie O'Donnell outed Clay Aiken not only as gay, but unattractive: that haircut is as good as he gets. Singers aren't like us writers Ken, they don't have to be pretty.Is Mama's Family really out on DVD?

Mike Barer

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Can someone explain to me all the mooning over The History Boys? The play I saw was all about moving set pieces around and making cow eyes over how "lovely" English schoolboy days were, a subject I've seen in a dozen better plays.It's not a bad play, but I'm damned if I know what the fuss was.But then I found Grey Gardens to be mediocre at best and tedious at worst.Bah.


You certainly have a right to your opinion, Ken, but Mr. Aiken's haircut probably cost more money than you make in a month. Furthermore, the "shag" haircut for men is very stylish and chic these days. You might want to be a little more up-to-date and informed on what's in and what's not. Not liking the man himself, however, is your own personal problem.


Peter O'Toole - sure in Bizarro Universe.The Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa role rumour should get it the Best P.R. - win/win all around: It has the edge of a surprise to it - WHO was expecting that? The film makes out with tons of good free pre-publicity if or if not Paris is in fact taking the role; Paris makes out just being considered in the idea of playing against type, as if she were able to act; Gossip blogs everywhere have something a bit different to say about Paris for a week. Worst Stand-up comedian: Michael Richards was a meltdown, choose someone who actually IS trying to do their act at least.




Good call on 24 and Lost. I still agree and am hooked on both those shows.However, I disagree on the YouTube video. My vote is for the Titanic Two trailer.


Worst Moment in Baseball - The Baseball Writers' Association of America denied John “Buck” O’ Neil’s entry into the Hall of Fame; Diss-Honorable Mention - The BBAA also denied Minnie Minoso‘s entry.Best Cat Fight - Rosie O’donnell and Donald Trump’s hair.

Emily Blake

Amen to that, especially the Youtube video.Don't tell old ladies from North Carolina oyu don't like Clay's haircut. They will stomp your head in with their walkers.I like Jack FM. Their motto is "Fuck you. You're going to listen to this whether you like it or not." I respect their honesty, especially since I'd rather listen to awesome songs sandwiched between shite songs as long as it doesn't involve listening to eight DJs in one studio all yapping and laughing and generally starting my day off irritated.

Herb Popsfarter

Hey all... off topic, but I just read an article about the creator of 2 1/2 Men creator Chuck Lorre - in the Dec 15th issue of Entertainment Weekly. Interesting insights on Rosanne Barr and Brett Butler. They sounded like real tyrants. Ken, did you see the article/have any comments?PS - Noticed he changed his name from Levine. Probably to distance from Ken? :-)


I think the best curse word is "fucknozzle." Say it out loud if you don't believe me... BTW - I am Time's Man of the Year - and I am a woman. Can that be right?


Gee, "Anonymous" seems to have a poor estimate of what you make in a month. My guess is that it's rather more than the most expensive haircut in the world. Anyone who would pay more money than you make in a month for a haircut is an idiot. Anyone who would pay more money than you make in a month for THAT haircut would be certifiably insane, and probably unable to dress themself. That "Shag" being "Stylish & chic" doesn't make it attractive. However, it's not like a good haircut would make Ms Aikin attractive. My guess is that Aikin got that ghastly hairjob to draw attention away from his face.


just to correct something posted by "RW" ...the BBWAA didn't keep buck o'neill or minoso out...the HOF voting for those inductees was done by a special committee of historians, appointed by the Hall of Fame.

Joshua James

BEST COMEBACK – Senator Joe LiebermanWORST COMEBACK – Rocky BalboaI would reverse these two . . . but maybe that's just me.


anonymous,Thanks for the assist. Nice save.My apologies to the BBWAA. I don't know who the BBAA is.Frack! Two errors. There goes the Golden Glove Award.


WORST DVD – MAMA’S FAMILYIf THE HONEYMOONERS and THE SIMPSONS are the two best sitcoms ever based on a recurring variety show sketch, MAMA'S FAMILY is definitely the worst. I absolutely WOULD buy a DVD of the original "Family" skits from THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW, but MAMA'S FAMILY is simply ghastly.


The hair that Aiken had in May - no longer exists. It looked good then and now. As for seymour - guess jerks with no hair exists too.


I'm proud of some of these. But I agree with best SNL short "Dick in a Box", I considered adding it.check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbZxlEZFZCQ Happy new year, daddy.


"Dick in a Box?" Really?Oh how short people's memories are.


The Spider-Man 3 trailer is a good pick, but the 2006 trailer that really caught my attention was this:Hard Candy A well edited, art-directed & sound designed trailer, and *creepy* as all heck.

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