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December 24, 2006


Mike Barer

Great rap on LV. Have a Great Christmas holiday day off and a wonderful New Year.

Paul Duca

With any luck, that's where MY family will be next Christmas. My mother is thinking change of pace, and my brother won't take a cruise.


What makes you think it's the 4th time to see Eder that makes you gay? I think you may have already attained it.


Seeing Eder and voting for Kerry has got to be a lock on the gay, perhaps boardering on the trans gender.

Mike Barer

Sorry Anonomous, voting for Kerry, if nothing else, was a vote against Bush. The last election proves that most of this country has had enough of Jr Bush.


"I imagine when most of the tourists saw the ad for the exhibit they said, 'Hey, they spelled money wrong!' Wow - could you be any more of an out-of-touch elitist? And anyone who voted for Kerry is almost as much of a jackass as John "Do you know who am I?" Kerry himself. Seriously, try to be less of a snob in the new year.


Ken, I love your blog, but I've gotta weigh in with the crowd on this one. Before you smear the right as uneducated or uncultured or whatever you are implying, you should double-check the name of the Las Vegas airport. It's so easy a comedy writer could do it. Merry Christmas!


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Las Vegas Hotel

LV is one of the attractive places in the world. I decided to take my child, next Christmas vacations to LV, to celebrate a New Year

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