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January 31, 2007



Is this the old brother or the new one Annie bartered off Craigslist? Buddy, you is living a sitcom.


I want to see "The Nines".I think I'll pass on that Horseback Mountain one, though.


Righhht...very original. Your son does what exactly?

Paul Duca

Matt...how are the negotiations going to get corporate sponsorship, like your sister Dow Chemical (the Sibling Formerly Known as Annie)?


Polygamy Porter not good? Motto: Bring some home for the wives.

Patrick Walsh

I'm a film school graduate, let me share another phrase that should tip you off not to see a movie:"Tone Poem."RUN!


So just how is this different from the South Park episode?


A couple years back, I happened to be in Park City for skiing and didn't realize it was Sundance. Saw lots of the LA-types you described (and I live in LA, so I can laugh) wearing leather jackets and completely inappropriate footwear. The locals actually have a name for them: "PIBs"... which stands for "People In Black."


Sundance wouldnt be Sundance without the stars there. Hollywood invades Park City, that is AWESOME! Where can you see celebrities walking around freely and having some interviews done by Ester Goldberg. You just do not see that very often in Park City.

Willy B. Good

Hay I think that horse movie sounds great as I loved Mister ED and Seabiscuit so hope the horse talks or races or even better both.

hollywood blond

They should love LA for stopping in to pay $12 for hamburger plates. Never bite the hand that feeds and such. Thanks for the live on the scene report!


I actually did see "In the Shadow of the Moon" and I really recommend it...the script was not genius and new but I did see really great acting in it !

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