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January 25, 2007


D. McEwan

OK Ken, you suckered me in, and successfully tricked me into reading a posting that turned out to be primarily about baseball, and which was pretty darned funny to boot.Damn you sir. This round goes to you!

Willy B. Good

I don't know much about baseball but that made me horse from laughing


Assuming you're not pulling our legs...how the hell did you get away with it? Between sanctimonious fans and radio and/or team management, I can't believe nobody called you on it, because as you know better than I, there always one who will, and of course, management always assumes that "everyone" feels that way.Oh, and like the two post above me said- God, it was funny!


i love the tony award line, that's beautiful. back when i was a bartender i would sometimes tell the most audacious lies to my clients just to see how far i could go before someone called "bullshit". you'd be amazed the trust people put in their bartender. i very very rarely got called on anything even though i would resort to cliff clavenisms "it's a little known fact"...


>It's no secret the LAT is going after the Daily Variety / Hollywood Reporter ad dollars. For what seems like an eternity they have been putting out a weekly supplement called the "envelope". It's filled with mostly studio paid ads for films vying for industry votes for the accolade of the week.Judging by the advertiser response it seems to be working for them.Bill Nesbitt

Ken Levine

The team owner found it amusing, the radio station signal was so bad that anything to draw listeners was appreciated. The players themselves got a kick out of it. And the Tony line I actually used on one of our few telecasts. In that case it was because my partner was oblivious to anything I said. So I said more and more outrageous things just to get him to notice. He never did. I'm sure to the viewer that was far funnier than any of the audacious statements I made.


Don't leave us hanging, Ken! Who won the big Rochester-Syracuse game?


So were you the inspiration for Fred Willard's character in "Best in Show". I've always heard Joe Garagiola's name attached to it, but after having read your post....Inquiring minds want to know....Another thought: I have no idea what kind of guy he is to work for, but it seems like you and Mike Veeck would be a marriage made in heaven...


How can you give us all those examples and NOT include "No School in Borneo" perhaps the greatest home run call of all time.

Ken Levine

There is a whole separate post on Borneo which I will repost.

Jesse Wendel

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Ken Levine

My greatest home run call will appear tomorrow. It's in the on deck circle. Complete with added pictures. Thanks to Jess and others for requesting it.


Oh, Ken, the Mariners need you back so badly! Instead, we'll have Rick Rizzs to remind us how, even when Jeff Weaver just gave up seven runs in two and a third innings, "This team never quits!" Sigh....

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