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February 19, 2007



I still spend every Thursday night at 9:00 watching "Scrubs". God help me, I still see way too much of myself in JD.Other than that, I don't have much time for TV. Damn me and my being a college student who actually cares about grades.


Ken: I agree with you re The Colbert Report. We watch both the Daily Show and Colbert every night (DVRd over dinner!) and are beginning to fast forward through some bits. It's really the same thing over and over again. But I still find most of it entertaining enough.And LOST is still great. Making my head spin after last week's episode! Is it a dream or time travel?

George W.

You have far too time on you hands. Get that liberal bug up you ass removed

Great Big Radio Guy

Another Colbert Report comment:I was getting a little weary of it, too, but in the past few weeks, I've noticed Colbert loosening up a bit. He's still playing the pundit routine, but somehow, without breaking the character and ideology, he seems to be enjoying himself a lot more. It's fun to watch again. And of course, TDS is king.

Great Big Radio Guy

...and George W. can't be Bush. Far too eloquent.


Much as I love Stephen Colbert, I have to agree. I find myself zoning out more often during it now, although when he's on form, he's still great.But I NEVER zone out during The Daily Show.Last night's Desperate Housewives (One of their best episodes ever. Dixie Carter was GREAT!) was credited to Marc Cherry and Joe Keenan. It took two gay men to write the Zack's-hung-like-a-salami scene. Now if Zack would just cut the girly hair.So which nuclear holocaust show has had the higher death count this year, 24 or Jericho?

Phil Plait, aka The Bad Astronomer

Andy Richter's old sitcom ("... Controls the Universe") was the funniest thing to come along in a long time, and I'm glad to see him again (even though he did hgave a brief cameo -- like there's any other kind -- on "Elf"). The previews of his new show make it look cheesy, but I have learned not to trust such things.

hollywood blond

Silverman's show should be great. Hope it doesn't go thru the freshman new show bumpy start. If the scenes and writing just roll on out, it could be a lot of fun.


The only show I make sure to catch every single week is Two and a Half Men. Why don't people like you ever put it on their lists? It's consistently funny.

Ken Levine

Because I saw a recent episode where the kid ran to the phone and Charlie Sheen said, "Boy, I haven't seen him run that fast since he had the squirts." Not my cup of tea.


What? No Earl?


I miss Dark and Twisty Meredith. Happily in love Mer is no fun. (Drowned Mer is slightly better.)Lost...I'm "meh" about it now. I am getting frustrated with the lack of movement in the story.Heroes...I'm with you on the narrator. I don't like his voice, and I find his narration totally unnecessary.Finally...I think I read BSG has had a decent set of ratings on Sunday night...but I preferred it on Friday. :( Couldn't they do it both nights? It's not like they have much going on either night otherwise...

la guy

I'm a big fan of Stephen Colbert but I don't watch the show much. I always thought the premise was a little too narrow to sustain a daily show. One big advantage The Daily Show has is that Stewart is more less being himself and accordingly has much more flexibility. Then again if Stephen Colbert did nothing in his career other than the White House Press Corps dinner he'd have my vote for the television hall of fame.There was great interview of him on Charlie Rose but inexplicably the show is not available (unlike many other episodes) at Google video. This is a brief bit of it.

Scott E. Amundson

At 9:00, I'm on www.TNAOBB.blogspot.com getting my weekly dose of action and adventure.


forgive me for my lack of depth - i could spend all my tv time looking at all of elizabeth mitchell. loved her in e.r., loved her in gia ... love her almost as much as marlee matlin's jodi in the current L word


I still love Lost, and I don't understand all of the hype around Heroes. Every time I watch Heroes it's just really dark and depressing. Every single character except Hiro seems absolutely miserable to have superpowers. Where's the cocky bastard who gets superpowers and starts showing them off around the world? Every comic book has one of those, and the show NEEDS one.I agree Colbert is fading just a bit, but it's still hilarious. Jon Stewart can be condescending, but The Daily Show is still almost always funny.

Matthew Maroon

The best thing about The Colbert Report has always been and will always be the interviews, both the nightly guests and the Better Know A District segments. His wit is unparalleled, and his guests are actually intelligent. The Daily Show gets some great guests, but too often has some crappy celebrities promoting some crappy movies. I never find myself skipping a minute of the Colbert Report, but I often find myself skipping the last ten of the Daily Show. So while the non-interview segments of the Daily Show are probably more consistent than those of the Report, Colbert at his best still outshines Stewart by a substantial margin, in my expert opinion.

Willy B. Good

I had the misfortune of watching that crap Fox News "comedy" too and I agree conservatives totally suck at comedy though I found their very liberal use of a bad 'Joanne loves Chachi' laugh track highly amusing.


I don't understand Andy Richter - he was gifted, riding so high during the Conan years, and went off that show with most people really fearing for Conan alone. But Richter's combination of improv, and way with quick responses as skills were never again required it seems. He may have been a writer, but for what? He was the small part or cameo that could be really played by any formula actor (and not a good one) in forgettable comedies.So sure, I guess he will be now in yet another sitcom attempt - but seriously, what are we expecting? He HAD mainstream America ratings numbers with Conan, and couldn't capitalize on them. What now could he possibly do.ps as for George W: The only causal connection between too much time on your hands and up your ass, seems to be your obsession with imagining both.


Sorkin should have done a spinoff show about Toby Ziegler instead. Then he could have an hour long of rantings about anything justified by the character. I think the character is supposed to have gone to Columbia to teach after he was pardoned. They could call it "The Ziegler Lectures."

Jesse Wendel

Battlestar, baby. I love me my Cylons.


I thought I heard Colbert say that he was looking forward to developing a cast of supporting characters to take the load off him. My personal recommendations would be John Hodgman and Lewis Black. Nate Corddry is another possiblity.For la guy, Charlie Rose's interview with Colbert is available on DVD.


30 Rock? Conspicuous by its absence from your critiques? I thought the episode two weeks ago ("Black Tie") with Paul Reubens and Isabella Rosellini was hilarious and showed the sitcom has promise--if NBC doesn't put it on a shelf with Studio 60.

Middle Browser

Did I miss something or did you? "Friday Night Lights" is one of the best written shows on TV. And "Boston Legal" is one of the more consistently funny. "Cold Case" also is consistently well done. Are you too influenced by what's hip or hot?

Dave Williams

Leave it to me to wait until after the blog spammers strike...I just wanted to say goodbye to Studio 60 as one of the four...okay, two...people here who liked it. I'll miss it. But I did not miss the wonderful irony of the fact that the final episode was titled, "4AM Miracle" and that the official website logline reads: "Writers block rears its ugly head at the worst possible time."Coincidence? I'd love to think not.Aaron, you're still an inspiration.

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