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February 26, 2007



Jerry Seinfeld was awful at the Oscars. How could anyone say that was funny. He was just obnoxious, and really dislikable. Yeah, he's a billionaire and wont pick up his trash at the cinema. What an asshole. I fucking hate that guy.


I'm pretty sure they were ready to cut a shot of Peter O'Toole, still in his seat, into the "In Memoriam" montage until the last possible minute.

Tim Dunleavy

Forgot to mention how much I hated Anne Hathaway’s gown. It’s like she wore this beautiful white dress then dipped her breasts in the La Brea Tar Pits.And to make up for it, I propose that Anne Hathaway should stop wearing clothes altogether. Then we'll all be happy.

The Master

"it probably would have been more fun to watch if you were at a lesbian Oscar party."Honey, everything is more fun at a lesbian party!Oh, and Blarneyman, while you're shouting, THE VERY IRISH PETER O'TOOL IS 74, NOT 80! That he looks 95 is a tribute to a life lived with, let's say gusto. I love him though.And I'm sorry, but Ellen was dull, dull, dull. Bring back Jon Stewart or Steve Martin and pump some energy into that show.


Re: Jason OliverNow I'm not trying to fault the original film, but The Departed is not Infernal Affairs. Same basic plot, but the characters and dialogue are different, not to mention the editing, directing, cinematogrohy, etc. It's a different movie.I did cringe when they said "based on the Japanese movie..." though. That's a pretty glaring oversight, especially in today's Japan-crazy culture. You'd think somebody would have said "Hey, that doesn't sound right..."

Paul Duca

Interesting that you bring up CHANGE OF HABIT--for those who don't know the film, Elvis' female lead was...Mary Tyler Moore! She, McNair and another actress played incognito nuns helping the ghetto doctor played by Presley--and Mary fell in love with him.


The Master: Okay, Peter O'Toole is 74, but he's also Irish. This ignorance is insulting to Ireland and it happens all the time because the British like the claim everything.Fuck they even tried to call Colin Farrell a Brit when he first started in Ballykissangel. Grr.

The Master

I aknowledged Petey is Irish. I agree that such ignorance is inexcusable. Although born in Los Angeles, I am 1/4 Irish myself. Plus I had the joy of meeting O'Tool 20 years ago, when he looked his age, his age NOW that is.But if you're going to correct people, you'd best have all your facts right yourself.And I don't see how you can fault the Brits for American ignorance. Poor Barry Humphries gets accused of being a Brit over here all the time too, and of course, he's Australian.Anyway, calling O'Tool 80 could be construed as an insult to actual octagenerians. Christopher Lee is in his 80s, and he looks FAR younger than O'Tool.

The Master

Amd it was, of course, redundant to call O'Tool an alcoholic. That was covered when you called him Irish.


Wow, you're the first person I ever saw who could mention the words "maturity" and "class" in the same sentence with the name "Eddie Murphy." But then, his lacks thereof are likely the secret to his success.And Sally Kirkland once asked me to go with her (till she found a better offer) - and I was merely a lowly writer, not an all-seeing gnu, er, I mean, guru.


Hey, Benton Harbor, if you want to pull your head out of your ass for 30 seconds and discover that Reality is different from WingerWorld, you'll discover that that "Center" is a piece of right wing astroturf that got its tax exemption pulled (by a Republican Attorney General's office) for failing to meet the standards (which are pretty lax) for being a tax-exempt educational institution.Not only that, but Gore doesn't live in a one-room shack like you do. As was pointed out endlessly on Monday (of course it was done on sites where people write in polysyllabic prose, which means a halfwit like you probably couldn't make sense of any of it), he "burns" energy that comes from a solar power system on his property and for the excess he "buys" carbon credits - just like he suggests people do in his speeches and his movie.Hey, I hear "24" is auditioning for far right halfwits who can't spell their names the same in succession for their writing staff - looks like you'd have a real edge. Maybe you could even make it at the "30 Minute Comedy Hour," being such a funny guy as you are.Does mommy know what you're doing with that computer down in her basement???


Dr. Dolittle 2 came out in 2001. Eddie already missed his chance on that one.

Tom S.

I think Clint's spaghetti westerns were mostly shot in Spain. Sergio Leone was Italian and didn't speak English though.

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