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March 24, 2007


Robert Hogan

Funniest moments…when the pickle girl is on the floor of the pickle factory and then we find out she’s a waitress. Put her on a sitcom and hire Maury’s writers for it.


It takes all kinds to make a world. That was a sight to behold.


Is she retarded?I wonder if she's okay with cucumbers. Damn it Maury! These are questions you need to ask.

la guy

At what point did the advancement of human intellect cease to advance and actually start to regress?Some where there are some Cro-Magnons pointing and laughing at us... you know, when they're not doing Geico commercial or working on the pilot for their new show.


That. Was. Awesome.I had a friend who was deathly afraid of M&M's. True story.He had stuck an M&M in his nose when he was a kid and couldn't breath or something like that, and he would literally freak out (not as bad as this chick, but still freak out) whenever he'd be near one.Man, I miss him.We would surround his desk with M&Ms and watch him have to shut his eyes and jump the candy chocolate moat. One day we added three perfectly distanced rings around his desk to where he couldn't jump them without risking landing on one - he moved his desk forward and jumped off of it. It was the happiest day of my life.


Wow, that would suck going to a Maury show to see some good ol' DNA testing/surprise! your the baby's daddy show and getting stuck with this schlock.

dr. brothers

I wondered what had happened to Lonelygirl_15 after her scam was discovered. Seems she developed picklephobiaitis.Oh sure, that's a real problem...

The Minstrel Boy

i fear for our country on days like this.


There's no way that's real. Hilarious, but certainly staged.I'm not even going to get into the subtext of a "fear of pickles."

The Crafty Weasel

is that for real?????

Michael Zand

I laughed at first then I felt bad. I believe the girl has a genuine phobia. It's ridiculous but very real to her. Maury Povich is a rating whore scumbag. He had no intention or real ability to help the poor girl. Sticking what triggers a phobic person's panic in their face is not therapy. We haven't changed that much from the days of Christians vs. the lions. Sorry to piss on everyone's parade but this was cruel.


Dill you all stop gherkin around!?This woman suffered through a jarring experience as a child.Word to the wise: never hire a brine-soaked Vlasic stork to deliver your baby.


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Imagine if she came across this guy:http://media.collegepublisher.com/media/paper889/stills/428t8298.jpg

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