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April 28, 2007



I never saw that episode. Wicked funny. So...was he faking?


I have the feeling there was supposed to be some more writing after the video.


It was a classic episode. One of my favourites. Didn't realise you were the writer, silly me. But definitely a classic.

Michael Zand

Funny, I thought I'd seen every Frasier episode. I don't know how I missed that one. Loved that show. It was always clever, witty and very funny. Also, was amazed on how many episodes were pure farce. Farce is very hard to pull off without becoming fake or schticky but somehow Frasier always rose to the occasion. On a side note, Joe Keenan who was one of the other writer/producers wrote two of the laugh out loud, funniest novels I've ever read. They are: "Blue Heaven" and "Putting On The Ritz." I believe those books got him the gig on Frasier. I highly recommend them for anyone who enjoys huge belly laughs.

Mike Barer

Frazier shot one episode actually in Seattle. David Hyde Pierce was very considerate and signed an autograph for me even though they were working on a scene. I will always appreciate him for that.

la guy

"Didn't realise you were the writer, silly me."It could be my lack of reading comprehension skills, but I don't think Ken is saying he and his partner wrote this episode, only that they wrote the episode "Wheels of Fortune", from which the character Blaine Sternin originated. But I could be totally wrong... and I don't doubt that if Ken didn't write this episode that it would have been even funnier if he had. Unless of course he did write it, in which case I owe everyone a minute of their lives back.Interestingly the IMDB cast list of every Frasier only has Keaton listed on the episode Ken and David Isaacs wrote.


I don't know where you got that idea from, la guy, you've confused the hell out of me... He and David definitely wrote the episode, btw.

Ger Apeldoorn

Michael Z, Joe even wrote a sequel when Frasier was finished. It's called My Lucky Star. He had plotted the novel in the breaks between seasons on Frasier and his other shows. It has the same characters and everyone was very disappointed that it didn't take him out of his original 'homosexual audience' when a snippy New York Times review said the novel read as if it needed a laugh track.

Michael Zand

Thanks for the tip on Joe Keenan's last novel, Ger. I'll try to find it.


Frasier taking off his watch was classic. They are a godless bunch, but really, would we have it any other way?Stacey

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