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April 29, 2007



Why were people listening to both radio stations at the same time?


Hilarious. That radio stunt really made me laugh.


I think that it is particullarly amazing considering that Beau Weaver is apparently a rare sub-species of California brown bear.


One night I had an idea and called Beau on his hotline. I had him tell me the songs he was going to play that hour and in what order. I then played the same songs at the exact same time. The phones at both stations went nuts.This apparently was not uncommon in the industry; when I was living in Syracuse about 1969 or so, I recall Top 40 rivals WOLF (where future WCBS-FM jock Bob Shannon worked in his Don Bombard days) and WNDR played three songs back-to-back simultaneously...and IIRC, one of them was an oldie, so it wasn't simply just what was on the charts.

Herb Popsfarter

My music director was a real nerd. He would go nuts if you went off the play-list. But every so often, when you were putting the 45 down on the old puck-driven turntable a big chunk would come off, and this he had no problem with. So soon we were all "accidentally" breaking 45s we hated. The MD never caught on.My favorite memory was the day the Morning guy, "Marty" decided to try and crack up the morning newsman "Lloyd". Marty had the board, and all Lloyd had was his mike switch and a cart player. Marty hits the news stinger - Lloyd starts the news - Marty jumps up on the consol, pulls down his britches and presses his bare ass up to the glass in front of Lloyd. Lloyd looks up... says "and that's the news, back to you Marty"Marty hollers, "You @#&^* bastard!" - jumps off the consol trying to hit the extro - lands on the chair (with wheels) and crashes to the floor with his pants around his knees. Lloyd sat with a smile of unique satisfaction, while the afternoon drive guy and I practically wet ourselves laughing.

Frank Strovel III

Opie & Anthony recently were dropped by a Dallas station after registering a rating a 0.0.That's right 0.0.CBS must be proud.

The Captain

Meeting up with 'hot young listeners' is never a good idea. In this case, it could have changed your career path.Such a meeting might have left you scarred for life, sexually deviant, and writing for Three's Company.


Fortunately, there's still a few rivalries out there. Right here in L.A. you have KROQ and Indie 103. Though Indie isn't able to compete, they still play much better music.


Many years ago, when simulcasting was a no-no, KIIS-AM and KIIS-FM used to do this. Two stations, with identical playlists and stopsets. All that was different were the jocks. Jerry Mason on the AM and Mike Wagner on the FM. It was SO close to a simulcast...

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