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May 22, 2007


Tom Quigley

Ms. Morehead, you are hilarious-- and absolutely crazy! Ken(t): Thank you for making the ultimate sacrafice of vacationing in Hawaii, wo we could be treated to Tallulah's Tassles of Tasteful/Tasteless (take your pick, depending on your point of view)and Titillating Trashy Transcriptions.... I may not stop laughing (and wetting myself) until Memorial Day...


hahahaha Very good. Robinz

Mary Stella

Priceless! Thank you, Ms. Morehead. All the little people are grateful for your time and comments.


Paula Abdul: My dog tripped me.What kind of dog do you have?Paula Abdul: A cute little dachsucontin.


That was priceless! Excellent recap!


As much as I enjoy Kent's, er, Ken's recaps, I have to say....Best... recap... ever.


What is this "American Idol" thingy you speak about so elegantly? It's not one of those reality shows, inexorably sucking the marrow out of a sitcom writer's livelihood is it??

Rory L. Aronsky

No rac, that would be the Geico cavemen sitcom.

Tallulah Morehead

Thank you darlings, you're giving me more support than my stockings.Tom darling, the last time someone called me crazy, I was performing my live cabaret show, "Rye Memories," at a remarkably small night club called The Rubber Room. They loved me there. They wouldn't let me leave! Although their tailor had no idea how to take measurements. The coat they made for me had sleeves longer than the extended DVD cut of THE LORD OF THE RINGS. I might add, that I'm hoping to stop wetting myself by Memorial Day as well. The day after Memorial Day is my 110th birthday, and one hates to wear a diaper when unwrapping vodka. I'd smell like Snatches' cat box, and no one wants a whiff of Snatches' box, though I love the little furball. There's nothing I enjoy more than spending an hour on my sofa, stroking Snatches.Mary and Maven, I am indeed Priceless. More specifically, I've been Vincent Priceless since 1993. Dear Vinnie. How I miss him.Mary, I am glad for the Little People's admiration. I had no idea leprechauns had Internet access. You know, if, while he's in Hawaii, Little Kent tries selling teh Brooklyn Bridge to the residents of Molokai, he'll have performed a lepercon.Meanwhile, ponder this all: if "This Is My Now" was the winner of the song writing competition, how horrible were all the losers?Cheers darlings.

Alex Epstein

Give us more Morehead!Yay Morehead!

Paul Duca

Tallulah, good to hear from you again. Your inimitable view of things even makes AMERICAN IDOL almost entertaning to me.I have never watched the show, never been particularly interested in anyone involved...and frankly, I can't even get behind Little Kent's belief that if nothing else, it's something that bonds millions of Americans together. I say, millions of Americans bonded together when they died of influenza during World War One, but I certainly don't want to join in on THAT.(I'm sure you have some vague memory of the time--Little Dougie once told me that no virus could survive the alcohol bath that is your bloodstream)

Tallulah Morehead

Maven darling. I do hope you check back. I just read on another of your posts, that you're the daughter of Stan Daniels. I adore "The Butler Song! That's MY type of thinking!Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I discussed your father's passing on my own flog, in a post titled "Goodbye, Mister Bond!", so you might want to dive into my archives and peruse that.Also, I see on your profile page that you're a big LOST fan. You and me both, dear. Check out my posting "We Have To Give Back" for some unique LOSTie comments.Alex darling, re: your comment "Give us Morehead." Gladly, but perhaps you should clarify exactly what you mean. It could be taken the wrong way, by which I mean, you could merely be asking to read more of my writing, which can be found over on my own flog.Paul darling, I do remember WWI. It was in all the papers, and I think they made a movie about it. I had a particularly harrowing set of adventures during that unpleasantness, which you can read all about in my award-adjacent autobiography. See chapter 8, "I Lick the Kaiser".Cheers darlings.

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