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June 26, 2007



A comedy using a born again Christian for comedy fodder and yet no network would do it? Shocking.I say wait until George Dubyah leaves town and try it again.


That was funny! I wish you'd retry getting that one made.


>>My partner not only exists, he exists in this blog. Just look back to last weekend's posts -- Mr. Special Effects. That was written by David. He's a funny guy.I've known Ken for many many years and I just to assure everyone reading his blog that Ken truely believes that David exists.Alaskaray


Tallulah Morehead:The reasoning given was based on the recurrence of the following words: dead, sex, death, gay, hurt, kill...Sounds to me like a typical night out in West Hollywood.


Will Teullive: Really? 'Dave', who we just learned is a minister, is Jewish?Do you want that sort of mis-continuity already... in a pilot??And, Ken, about this:"(AN AFRO BORN AGAIN WAITRESS-BOXER WANNA BE) "While I understand that such 'parenthetical characterization' is inherently necessary in a pilot... I can't believe you would use "Afro" as 'short-hand' for either 'black' or the only-slightly-longer 'african-american', especially since the pilot was obviously written recently enough to include the Bellaggio.Its casually offensive. And while it certainly might not leap off the page to the target audience of likely-white network execs who would be reading it, its also the sort of easily-overlooked 'signifier' that makes black writers cringe and feel marinalized. "Afro" as solo adjective grates like "Jewey" would.


If Ken got offended by something like "Jewey", then he wouldn't be a comedy writer.

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