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June 25, 2007


Rory L. Aronsky

Andre Braugher was also featured. You could almost see his price tag taped to his forehead.Same thing when he was in "Poseidon." There, he should have worn a t-shirt that said: "I will die for (insert dollar amount here)."


Well, in all fairness, they had to be true to the comics. Those have been around for decades. Maybe it didn't translate so well to the screen, but you can't, for example, have The Invisible Girl not go invisible.


Man, if Elizabeth Hasselbeck can create strong enough force fields to keep a dense object like Rosie O'Donnell out, that is a tremendous super power...


I don't get people bagging on this movie. It simply wasn't that bad. Was it tremendous? Thought-provoking? Nope. It was just fun. And as a former comic book fiend, half the fun for me is just seeing these characters come to life. It's amazing.


i think fantastic four and movies of that ilk, suffer because the movie producers forgot the essence of these movies. For instance, the INCREDIBLES had the same idea, an action adventure movie based on a FAMILY of superheroes, but on a deeper level, it was really a FAMILY movie! And pixar people really nailed that to the wall. They paid so much attention to the dynamics of the family relationships, and the issues were very human, and once they had that worked out, they could safely work on the package or the sugar coating which is the special cool effects. Isn't that what a good mainstream blockbuster should be? a fun entertaining movie which also happens to impart some kind of good value in as unobstrusive a manner as possible?

The Letch

More Jessica Alba please...


>>Maybe it didn't translate so well to the screen, but you can't, for example, have The Invisible Girl not go invisible.Maybe just her clothes could go invisible. That would work for me, and I'd pay to see the movie over and over and over...Alaskaray

Brian Howe

Okay - there's no question the last few comic book movies have been bad, but Superman?Are you high? Every Superman movie made blew pole. No use arguing. Superman made these films look like The Godfather. I'll give you Batman (the 1st one ONLY) But Superman? Gimme a break.


Ken, Thanks for taking another bullet for the team. Your willingness to sit through all the crap Hollywood has to offer is commendable! In the end you have saved me from wasting valuable time.Bill Nesbitt

D. McEwan

hz"Every Superman movie made blew pole." Brian, I had to read your posting three times before I realized that your expression "Blew Pole" was meant as a COMPLIMENT, as, let's face it, that sounds like an insult. And BTW, SUPERMAN III and SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE blew pole in the bad way.And everybody, PLEASE stop referring to Fantastic Four as "FF," as to a few really dirty-minded pervs like myself, FF means something VERY different. Everytime I read that "The first FF was even worse than the second FF," it's all I can do to hold in the spit-take.


You hear it all the time: Film, first and foremost, is a business. It's not about enlightening humankind, it's getting butts in the seats. That and the $40 bucks in concessions (popcorn and 2 medium drinks). What always rankles me is the willful amnesia that the business was always based on telling a story. In words, in dialogue, painted in compelling pictures, whatever, the thing that brought people back was story, well told. That's what so much of today's crap lacks.


here's to hoping that you get the chance to share some of your thoughts on The Wire after you get caught up....


Send me your address. I want to send you a nickel so you can buy a clue. I hope you are ten years old or else you are in serious trouble in life.


Fantastic Four 2 was aimed at kids, not adults.I want to see Die Hard 4 and Transformers.And you're complaining about screenwriters busting their asses and such... come on, what you're really saying is "The people that pay to see movies are morons and it annoys me".If character-driven dramas made $114 million on opening weekend, they'd make a whole lot of them. Sometimes people (including me) want to be entertained, not enlightened. Especially in the hot summer. Winter is when I like to curl up by the fire and watch a character-driven drama on DVD, not summer.

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