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June 24, 2007



A similar story from the 1930's courtesy of Self-Styled Siren last year:At an executive meeting at MGM, Nicholas Schenck was fretting about [producer Mervyn] LeRoy's failure to stay within his budget on The Wizard of Oz, and [Louis B.] Mayer presented the young Joseph Mankiewicz as an experienced writer and director who could explain such things. When all the executives turned to Mankiewicz for an explanation, Mankiewicz felt some irresistible impulse to evoke Victor Hugo and blurted out, "I suppose LeRoy s'amuse." Schenck said, "What?" Mankiewicz repeated his inspired line. Somebody said, "That's French." Schenck said, "Why are you talking French?" "All I could think of," Mankiewicz said later, "was 'Why am I here?'"http://selfstyledsiren.blogspot.com/2006/05/why-are-you-talking-french.html


Next time: The lyrics to "Wipeout."

Devin McCullen

So Gary Cohen's funnier than you? Heck, I knew that.


I think it would have been funny in the show. I liked Jim Varney's version at the end of the Beverly Hillbillies Movie.


What's the other song, I always mix these two up, I think he takes off his hat and "all that hair fell out", it's like a country rap song almost, he has to leave in a hurry, big trouble, I know that's not much to go on, but another cool tune...


tb, I think you're thinking of "Uneasy Rider" by Charlie Daniels (and Band)


I have to admit, I always fast forward through the "We Will Rock You" open. It doesn't really have anything to do with Cheers. I think a better example of an opening like that, is the one where one man leaves the bar singing "Sunny Side of the Street" and subsequent people sing the next line then, when it gets around to Coach, he sings an entirely different song. It's very Coach. It's funny and it immediately says "this is Cheers".Speaking of Cheers, I always wondered, is Phoef pronounced "Fohf" "Feef" (like Phoebe), or "Fayf" (like Groening).


May I pose a question to the assembled multitude here? I live in a medium TV market (mid-thirties). We have no local station running Cheers reruns, nor do TVLand/Nick@Nite. Why is that? Is the audience burnt out on the show? Is it availability of the show for purchase? Is it shortsighted programmers? Condidering some of the reruns that are running over and over again, I'm curious.


>>Everyone assembled for the table reading. The cast, writing staff, some crew members, the studio, and the network. We took our cue and launched into “Hot Rod Lincoln”. And we were great. Having practiced diligently for a week we kicked some serious ass. Truly awesome! And when we were done….Nothing. Nada. Dead silence. A vacuum. You could hear crickets from a field a mile away.I guess it's all in the delivery.Alaskaray


I always wondered, is Phoef pronounced "Fohf" "Feef" (like Phoebe), or "Fayf" (like Groening).You're saying "Phoef" is pronounced "Groening"?


I also liked Carla, alone in the bar, dancing around to the cheerfully upbeat, optimistic old Irving Berlin number "I Got the Sun in the Morning," and then quickly stopping the jukebox and becoming her usual sour self when Sam and Rebecca come in.

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