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July 24, 2007


la guy

Maybe I'm in the minority, but as a life long fan of baseball I don't get too excited by these records. I guess there's something to be admired about longevity and consistently, but to me the object of MLB baseball is to win the World Series. You can stack up all the numbers you want (A-Rod), but I'm more impressed by the guy who comes through when it counts (Jeter, Rivera).The sad thing about Bonds is that even without the steroids he probably would have retired as one of the 10 best players of all time. On the other hand he's probably the most unlikable player since Ty Cobb, so I don't lose any sleep thinking about him.Personally I don't care if he breaks the record or not. But you're right, Selig has to attend unless Bonds has been convicted of doing something wrong.I think the proper way to memorialize the event will be to stop the game and have Michael Vick brought out to present him with a nice card board plaque.

Rob B

There aren't dozens of people chasing the record because steroids don't help you actually hit the ball--but presumably they help you develop extra power when you *do* hit it, sending the ball a little farther.Even if it gives you an average of ten extra feet per hit, that's the difference between a long single (or even an out) and a home run.I wonder if that happens a statistically significant number of times. Or how we could even tell.


Well said, Ken. Well said. George Vecsey also had an excellent column on this matter in yesterday's New York Times.


You can probably guess how I feel about the subject, given my screenname. If Bonds still hasn't broken the record when the Giants get to Dodger Stadium, I hope the Dodgers walk him every single time he comes up.Not in my house, you petulant, moon-faced, overpaid, overpriviledged sourpuss.


Seriously, DodgerGirl, how do you feel about him? :)


Hey, it's only a game. Cut Barry some slack. A lot of people didn't like Ty Cobb or Stan Musial - they had personality problems too. Go Barry! Break the Record...records are made to be broken - his too.


"He knows we all hate him and he’s laughing. (He’s like the George Bush of baseball.)"He says he never used illegal drugs (like George Bush) and we're all laughing. They both have big heads, but for different reasons. Bonds continues to break records, while George Bush continues to sound like a broken record. Was Barry Bonds a cheerleader?

j cale

Were steroids illegal to take while playing baseball?No.So who cares?

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