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July 31, 2007



I will always remember "Sinatra" guy. It was his answer to "The man upstairs". I assumed he was supposed to say another name to say the second time but couldn't remember it or something and said "Sinatra" again ( judging by the laughs the cast were having). I also remember the episode where he was rifling through Diane's luggage and she stopped him and slapped his hands. He replied "best time I've had since Korea".


A friend of mine just played Cop #2 on the new HBO show that is causing a buzz. He made us all laugh with how he introduces his character, "Cop #2... when Cop #1 can't get the job done. You need Cop #2."

Dave Lifton

Al Rosen was awesome. I once heard that he was Rhea Perlman's grandfather or something. Was that true?


I auditioned for "Hurts When He Pees". I asked if, should I get the part, could I be credited as playing "Hutzven Hepies" of the Dutch Hepie clan.I didn't get that part.

Tom Quigley

I had parts in a number of different shows when I lived out in LA -- and I didn't even go out there to be an actor... Start out with the right casting agency and they can get you into some decent shows with a little exposure. Among other things, I played (in no particular order): a pilgrim (THE SINGLE GUY), a party guest (THE CHRISTMAS WISH, a made for TV movie), mall shopper (HIGH INCIDENT, where I got a 2-shot with Blair Underwood), Guy who walks past Paul and Jamie (MAD ABOUT YOU) and a reporter (THE PRETENDER -- my car even got into that one, for which I think it should have been rightfully credited as "White Honda Civic Illegally Parked In Producer's Parking Spot")...

Paul Duca

As I mentioned in a previous post you did about the late Jerry Belson, I mentioned the greatest acting credit ever, that appeared in SMILE, a movie he wrote:Mara Finerty....Maggot Girl(she was a beauty contest pageant contestant, doing a dramatic reading featuring the line "Rotting maggots of DEATH")

D. McEwan

Oh that's a tender topic. On stage, I have played Hamlet in HAMLET, both Puck & Bottom in different productions of A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM, both John Worthing & Algernon Moncreif in different productions of THE IMPORTENCE OF BEING EARNEST, the ghost of John Barrymore in I HATE HAMLET (I won 2 awards for that role.), Jack Absolute in THE RIVALS, Tennessee Williams in ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE (bio play about Williams.), Beverly Carlton in THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER, Mr. Goldberg in THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, Creon in both ANTIGONE and OEDIPUS THE KING, MacDuff in MACBETH, Fabian in TWELFTH NIGHT, Romeo in ROMEO & JULIET, Aeneus in TROILUS & CRESSIDA, ... this list goes on.On TV and in film I have played "Fight Fan" (ROCKY II), "Dead Soldier," "Third Detective," "Guy Dressed as Robin Hood," Surgeon, "Apostle Peter" (He had a name but no lines), "Guy From the City," and I read for "Butler" on WINGS but didn't get it.Why did I ever retire from acting?


I liked the method used in the Naked Gun movies where they list the bit players by their sole line of dialogue."Hey! It's Enrico Pallazzo!" (Which when seen in context is probably the funniest line in the movie...)

Paul Duca

Doug, that is interesting...I played Mr. Stanley in THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER, in high school (a production where the same person played both Beverly Carlton and Professor Metz, and was so distinct in each portrayal, most of the audience didn't realize it wasn't two seperate actors)

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