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July 25, 2007



You will be having Lovitz punch out Andy Dick in the pilot episode, I presume (getting the audience to like the characters early on is a key to any show's long-term success).

Rory L. Aronsky

And there’s now a Hooters Hotel. Call them and ask to speak to John Smith. They’ll ring up 450 rooms.And I'm next door right now at the America's Inns and Suites. The last full day for my family and I is tomorrow and I plan to spend the last night at Hooters, being dealt blackjack by a Hooters girl. No greater pleasure for me during this trip.I haven't even left yet and I can't wait to get back. I love this city and with the activity that's been going on these past few days, with my father getting his Nevada teaching license and us exploring Henderson as possible living quarters, I know that Vegas will be different when I become a nearby resident (it'll most likely happen next year), but there's still the little pleasures I enjoy, such as:Most mysterious wonder: The old sour-faced ladies at the slot machines at the casinos, casino cards in and playing all day. Where have they all come from and did they have some sort of career in their day that gave them all this cash? Barring that, what'd their dead husbands do?Greatest pleasure of the flesh without having yet gone to the strip clubs here or calling up for a hooker (the latter isn't likely): Cocktail waitresses in short skirts. The ones at the Riviera tonight weren't so bad-looking.And what you must do with your project is to invite Vegas regulars for guest-starring roles. Bring on The Amazing Johnathan from the Sahara (he'll make Lovitz unsure of whether to punch him, though regarding Dick, that was deserved), George Wallace from the Flamingo, Carrot Top from wherever the hell he is nowadays, if only to be punched by Lovitz too.I doubt this factored into your conversation with Rudner, but did she dish on why she moved to Harrah's? Last time, and the first time I was in Vegas, last April, she was at New York, New York.

pat reeder

Very amusing comments on Vegas, and particularly interesting to me, since we're working on moving there from Dallas if we ever find a buyer for our house in this lousy real estate slump. My wife is a singer/comedian and Vegas has the venues; and since we write syndicated comedy material for radio, I can do that from anywhere, including a plastic replica of the Eiffel Tower. Especially from there, in fact. Agree with you on Rita Rudner's excellent material. We also caught her show during the Vegas Comedy Festival in January and interviewed her afterward. A wonderful comedian and a very gracious lady, and also a major icon to my wife for the way she proved you can be soft-spoken, feminine and do clean, intelligent material and still succeed in comedy clubs. This seems to be a lesson lost on a lot of the female comics I've seen recently. My big question about Vegas is, when are people finally going to get their fill of Cirque D'Soleil shows? Who knew that Middle Americans had a bottomless appetite for watching French-Canadian acrobats in clown makeup doing gymnastics in slow motion to New Age music? The "Riverdance" Irish step-dancing craze finally played out, then it was the "Stomp" fad where every show involved people banging on various objects, and now it's this creepy circus infestation. Bring back Corbett Monica and Sam Butera & The Witnesses! P.S. - I swear to God, I'm really too young to have any reason to have just typed that, other than shockingly good taste.


For those who haven't heard Lovitzs' account of the beat down, you can listen to it here .When I first read about the incident I kind of felt bad for Andy Dick (who makes Paula Abdul look like a rock of emotional stability), but after listening to Lovitz I can't say I would have handled it any better.Good luck on the project. Whenever I see Lovitz it reminds of one of the funniest lines ever uttered on SNL..."You couldn't sing if you had Billy Holiday stuck in your throat."


A Rita Rudner and Jon Lovitz project?! Can't wait to hit "season PASS" on my tivo.

Mr. Hollywood

Ken, when I think of Vegas, only two words come to mind: Danny Gans.


I stayed at Hooters just last week. Their slogan: "Hooters, sleep with someone you know" had me wanting for a gal in orange shorts to show up at the door…no such luck. Speaking of luck the casino wasn't very giving either. Fortunately the MGM side door is right across the street.Sure I like spicy wings and cold beer but is it too much to ask for a cocktail while gambling?...service was real weak.Bill


Wow, I was in Vegas last week and saw Rita's show. VERY funny and we got our pic with her at a pre-show "meet and greet." She did briefly mention the pilot project during the post-show Q&A.And the Frontier looks like something out of Mad Max - like it's been deserted for decades. Only a few months ago? Sheesh.And Harrah's sucks.


Crutnaker,I've been meaning to say this for quite some time... you are very funny. Seriously. Any Leo Sayer reference is a mind not wasted. Keep it up!!

Rory L. Aronsky

The hotel near Hooters was actually called America's Best Value Inn, I just found out.Unfortunately, I'm back. I'm depressed over being away from such an incredible city and I want to go back right away. At this time, 12:24 a.m., I should be at Caesar's Palace in front of a slot machine. Damn.


Great post. Just got back from the San Diego Youknowhat and didn't realize how much I needed a laugh. Many thanks.

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