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July 29, 2007



Can these stations be far behind? KLAP, KRAP, KRAB. Makes George Carlin's 7 Dirty Words routine a bit passe, now, doesn't it?


Oops, forgot about WEWE.Maybe they could locate it in Norfolk, VA. The station motto could be " We don't drink, we don't smoke, Norfolk, Norfolk "

Joe P.

VERY well stated. No hope that the tide is turning on all this ridiculous fining? It seems to make the news less frequently, so I figured it was fading off.


A correction on my earlier post. After WEWE, I meant to add WDIK. That's the station with the Norfolk motto.WEWE is actually located in Flushing, NY. I regret the error.


Thanks to Tallulah for the Willie the Shake tip. And when Hamlet talks of "country matters" to Ophelia, yeah, that's what he means. God, I miss grad school.


On a related note -- there used to be a FM religious station service the Midland-Odessa, Texas market with the call letters KKKK, which had its building burnt down twice for some odd reason. After the second one, they started IDing themselves as Quad-K, before giving up those call letters entirely. But a new station has taken up the call letter challenge. Fortunately, it's at the top end of the AM radio dial, so no one can find it.


"So Mad",Internet radio stations have no problem paying royalties (for the most part). They are paying them now and they are double what satellite radio pays. The issue is that the new proposed royalties are far more than anyone can afford and, indeed, more than any other method of broadcasting music. You say "No more than air radio, of course, but fair's fair." Broadcast radio only pays royalties to the songwriter, not to the label and performing artist like most other royalty systems. Internet radio already pays far more than broadcast radio and the new royalty rates increase that amount by 300 to 1200 percent.You also say "LET THEM SUPPORT INDEPENDENT ARTISTS." Ironically, some of the independant artists that internet radio has played have become well-known and signed on to major labels. So internet radio stations won't be able to afford to play the (formerly) independant artists they turned into big stars.I don't mean to hijack Ken's thread, here, but you were so far from accurate I had to respond.


>>I once worked for WDRQ in Detroit and used to call the station W-dreck. Dreck is Yiddish for shit. The three Jews who listened to that station were hysterical.I once did a short stint at KFC in Reseda. It was a real chickenshit job.Alaskaray

pat reeder

I attended North Texas State University in the late '70s and did the morning show on the campus radio station, KNTU. We all lived in fear of the dreaded KUNT slip of the tongue (pardon the expression). But after I left, it got even worse. The school was renamed the University of North Texas, and now, all the caps and T-shirts read "UNT." Yet the radio station is still named KNTU. If these calls are available, then I think my alma mater deserves first claim on them. After all, students DJs there have been saying "K-U-N-T" by accident for generations.

D. McEwan

When I was producing for Sweet Dick Whittington, we had the British actress Adrienne Corri on for a live interview once. Ms Corri was salty of tongue and too English to know our American prudery. And this was 1974, so things were even MORE prudish than now. She referred to some women at one point as "Real ballbreakers." Well you couldn't say "Balls" in a sexual or anatomical connotation back then (America was still pretending no one had genitals) so as she kept on talking, oblivious, Dick leant in and said close to the mike, "She's referring to basketballs."Broke me up, and puzzled the crap out of her, although she WAS referring to balls in a man's basket. And this from a man who called himself "Sweet Dick".But then, you were calling yourself "Beaver Cleaver" back then. No sexual side to that name. Wasn't that a corruption of Lincoln's nickname, the Twat-splitter?I should talk, being intimately associated with a woman named Morehead.

D. McEwan

For those of you who don't know who Adrienne Corri was, she was the woman Malcom McDowell beat to death with a giant plastic penis after raping her in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.WHERE did SHE get a salty tongue?


Howzit Ken,Are you referring to Wailuku, the county seat for Maui County? Not too many tourists stay in Wailuku. It's an interesting town on the windward side of Maui....not very far from the airport.Wailuku doesn't have any four star hotels, so it's a nice place to live. There are, however, a couple of hostels that gereally contain an eclectic mix of visitors. Although there's a lack of French or Italian resturants in Wailuku, there is a Tasty Crust.Your blog is shaka brah, mahalo nui loa for the laughs.

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