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August 25, 2007


John Pearley Huffman

Is it time to bring the Little League's 10-run "mercy rule" to the bigs?Actually the one thing that I've always appreciated about European football (soccer) leagues is how they promote and demote teams from the premier divisions.Maybe its time to drop the Orioles back down to AAA and promote the Albequerque Isotopes up to the bigs. Then let Baltimore win their way back into the American League.

pat reeder

Ken, I'm kicking myself for missing your appearance here in Dallas. I'm not a screenwriter (anymore, at least -- I used to do that, but now write a daily topical radio humor service), but I read and enjoy your blog, and I live about five miles from KD Studios. I sat down at the computer Friday night to surf around, landed on your blog and saw you were here from 7-9...and it was 9:45! Thought of tearing over there, but figured it would all be over by then. You've got to billboard your appearances farther in advance. BTW, some of the nasty comments on the previous post about Dallas and Texas really ticked me off. Obviously written by people who've never been here, other than for a layover at DFW. They're painting us as some backwater redneck burg, when we have great restaurants and museums, dozens of top notch theatre companies, and even a thriving gay club scene, if that floats your boat. Reading those ignorant comments reminded me of the 1970s when I had to do radio interviews with new wave bands from England, who were all excited about coming to Dallas because they hoped to meet J.R. Ewing. And Los Angelinos can slam Texans as a lot of violent, reactionary rednecks all they want, but at least we wouldn't have let Lindsay Lohan off with just 30 minutes in jail.

Roger Burke

Ken, Ken, Ken…. You’re getting ahead of yourself. If you're post time right? If it’s 3:46 p.m. already you must be in Beijing, not Dallas. Olympic fever? OK, willing to cut you some slack. When we first moved to Dallas, mom would call from New Haven and ask, “So what time is it there?” And I’d say, “It’s 6 o’clock, and she’d say something like, “That’s funny, because it’s only 7:58 here.”“Uh, mom, I’m ROUNDING OFF, I’M ROUNDING OFF.Thanks for your terrific presentation at the Dallas Screenwriters last night. And there wasn’t even a two drink minimum.


However, Dodger pitcher Brett Tomko could easily blow a 27 run lead.Ha! Tell me about it. Although...David Wells! This should be fun to watch, at least.Have fun with your broadcast duties. It sure seems like you enjoy that "job".


Is the Baltimore announcer still around, I forget his name, he does the best Vin Scully imitation I've ever heard.


What amazed me the most about the 30 run game is that the Rangers left 18 runners on base, they probably should have scored more.

Tom Galloway

My personal favorite bit was that, with the score 24-3, Texas scored six more runs in the top of the ninth, 'cause you never know when Baltimore might score 21 or more runs in an inning.(OK, my new favorite bit is that the captcha for this post was xiyxbunt)


Just in case Ken doesn't get around to it: beginning at 10 p.m. Sunday (26), TVLand will run the first, last and final (?!) episodes of M*A*S*H.The whole thing evidently ends at 2:30 a.m. But consult your local papers. Except in L.A., of course, where the Times doesn't list anything that late. Or, for that matter, TVGuide. Same reason.


Welcome to Dallas, Ken! Dallas is an actors and writers' haven these days. We have 60 professional theater companies, at least 5 of which have resident playwrights premiering new work all the time. "Prison Break" and "Friday Night Lights" also shoot around here, making local actors more likely to get enough work in Dallas not to have to go to LA to do TV. Come again, y'all! And if there are any tricky plays in the game, I hope you'll post the clips.


Ken, Heard you on Sunday on KOMO and would love to have you announcing for the Mariners all the time. Great job! Any chance you could be more than just temporary? I'm writing a note to the radio station, too.

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