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August 25, 2007



This bit brought tears of laughter and rekindled wonderful memories on this early Sunday morning."Ha-Ha."Priceless and so appreciated...Thanks.


Two old pros at their peak. Great stuff.


My favorite was when Ralph was on a Name That Tune type gameshow and Norton was helping Ralph study songs in the kitchen. Every time Norton starts to play the piano he always "warms up" by playing Swany River which infuriated Ralph to no end.Flash forward to the gameshow and those same familiar notes are played and Ralph is asked "Who composed Swany River?" Ralph stammers in his usual way and answers "Ed Norton."


Legend has it that it was not in the script for Jackie Gleason to knock down the wall at the end of the scene. But it happened, and Art Carney just went with it. Brilliant!


Funny thing is, no matter how many kudos and awards Edward Norton receives - and there should be many because he is a truly gifted actor - I still think of Art Carney when I hear Edward Norton. Doesn't have to be "Ed" Norton, the connection is that overpowering. I half expect a guy in a t-shirt and rumpled hat to show up on screen


One of the greatest, if not the greatest 10-minute scene in the history of TV sitcoms (and it also wasn't in the script for the piece to come flying off, leading to Gleason's walk towards the camera and comment on spear fishing).

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