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August 22, 2007



I actually have moderate hopes for The Mist; the original novella is one of my favorite King-works, and Frank Darabont has shown, unlike many other directors, he can successfully adapt King to the silver screen...

D. McEwan

"but the music is all Beatles so I’ll be seeing it"One phrase of DIRE warning: The movie of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band with the Bee-Gees.Worst ... musical movie ... ever.


For the first time in recent memory, I'm excited about a movie. The Mist is one of King's best short stories and if done right, can be a great movie. I agree that Frank Darabont seems to be the man for the job. Of course, a lot depends upon the casting. Is Tom Hanks available for the lead?


Keira Knightley? really? you like your women grotesquely skinny?shame on you Ken, for this and for not yet watching The Wire.


Dead In The Water???That's a real title?How did that get made!!!Mark B.


Don't bully Ken. Skinny girls are pretty, too. --SD


I saw an Alvin and the Chipmunks teaser before The Simpsons Movie. Yes, it looks suitably awful.Across the Universe may be the end of Joe Roth.


I know nothing about Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, but the title sure sends up a red flag. So the writer made up a stupid name just to get a rhyming title? Though I guess if there really were people with the last name Magorium, they probably would be more likely than the average person to start up an emporium of some kind.I think Lecter became a cannibal only because his parents named him Hannibal. Too bad they didn't name him Hembezzler instead.


Yes, Alvin and the Chipmunks are back, and the teaser consists entirely of a poop-eating joke.

D. McEwan

I saw that ALVIN & THE CHIPMONKS trailor before THE SIMPSONS too. "Hey guys, after watching this great animated movie, want to see one that is CRAP?"WHO do they think the audience is? No adult will be able to sit through it without begging to be shown all 4 SAW movies instead, (With the Chimunks and the Alvin filmmakers as the victims) and no kids know who they are. They were an unfunny fad act 40 years ago!I also sat through a MR. MAGORIUM trailor, and nothing could get me to watch any more of it. It looks just AWFUL! Dustin smirking in a silly hairstyle and acting cutesy, trying his best to bottom his performance in HOOK. Why isn't the Dahl estate suing? It's a full-out rip-off, with "Magic" toys instead of candy.I can't wait for SWEENEY TODD. It's my favorite musical to begin with.Charles, how could SGT. PEPPER"S movie have turned you on to The Beatles music? It's all murdered by the BEE-GEES and Peter Frampton, except when it's murdered by other "Artists". (Steve Martin as Maxwell Edison, and he isn't even a serieal killer anymore. The non-musical talents of Frankie Howerd, George Burns, and Donald Pleasance destroying songs.) What makes SGT. PEPPER such an amazing bad movie (And I saw it again for the first time in 28 years two weeks ago) is that is manages to be ghastly dspite having a GREAT song book.I was lucky. When I was teenager, The Beatles music was being performed by The Beatles.

Paul Duca

And when Tallulah was a teenager, Mozart's music was being performed by Mozart.

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