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October 27, 2007



Okay, I recognized Mary Gross, Billy Crystal, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jim Belushi, but who played Murray?


...who played Murray? The proto-ghost of Larry David maybe? But the Lou Grant actor must have been a shoo-in at casting, he looks more like Ed Asner than Ed Asner.


According to this site, Murray was played by Christopher Guest.

D. McEwan

"Raymond",You had to LOOK UP that it was Chris Guest as Murray? Even if you don't remember that one single, golden season, 1984-85, when Chris Guest, Rich Hall, Harry Shearer, Martin Short, Billy Crystal and beloved-in-England-forgotten-here Pamela Stephenson were all SNL regulars, the only replacement cast to truely rival the original cast, how could you not recognize Guest, or at least his voice? (The cast, as always, had some lead bells as well: Jim Belushi, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss - I am so not a fan of hers - and Gary Kroeger.)That was a memorable season, so much so, that most all of them left at the end, rather than risk a second season that wasn't as good.


"Christopher Guest is such an incredible talent. Possibly one of the reasons he was more difficult to spot. He completely transforms into the character he plays."And he gets to sleep with Jamie Lee Curtis.


That was the best season of SNL in its history.


i read somewhere ed asner was the most difficult guest the show ever had to deal with.


Crutnacker - I'm a little late in responding, but I, too, have always thought the Ebersole years are the best. Yes, the original cast had to build the show from scratch, and broke ground, but in terms of sheer funny, laugh-out-loud viewing, the Ebersole years were the best. They also had some great gags, like the Buckwheat shooting and the call-in vote to kill or save Larry the Lobster. I also consider the first year or two of the Dana Carvey years to be a top-notch cast and don't know if they get the credit they deserve (they certainly saved the show from Lorne's disastrous first returning season the previous year).Ken, by the way, I seem to recall that SNL did an earlier MTM sketch, in which Tony Rosato played Lou Grant -- so at first, I thought I'd be seeing that sketch. Great bait and switch!

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