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October 27, 2007


Al in Portland

But Volunteers will always be given "thumbs up" by Washington State University alums (Yep, class of '77).

D. McEwan

Well it's nice that the good review realized writers wrote the lines, while the bad review seemed to think Tom Hanks ad-libbed all his dialogue.I have a lovely book called THE CRITICS WERE WRONG. It's a collection of scathing reviews of great movies, popular movies (Which often are crap), early reviews of future stars, potshots at major talents, etc. Man, that CITIZEN KANE was a piece of crap. You can learn how terrible ALL ABOUT EVE is, be instructed by John Simon on what garbage ANNIE HALL is, be saved from the horrible fate of sitting through crap like THE WIZARD OF OZ and/or VERTIGO, and worst of all, read why Graham Greene thought my favorite movie, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, stinks!Movie criticism (and literary, stage, and all other forms of criticism as well) just isn't quite as exact a science as mathmatics, and I speak as someone who has just published a book of movie opinions, many of which will be disputed hotly by Bela Lugosi Jr.My guess is that there are as many critics embarassed by wonky reviews they've written as there are actors and filmmakers chagrined by their work in lousy movies.


My two favorite jokes from Volunteers:Lawrence: Tom! Beth's been kidnapped by a Chinese Warlord and we have to go up river to save her and reluctantly, we need your help.Tom: I'd have to leave my bridge, wouldn't I?Lawrence: ...You could take it with you.That and At's, "Stay back, I know the art of kickboxing!"Those two and almost every line John Candy says always get me.

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Well I can not tell you which would be for me a joke, but if you could say that there are times that I have no idea what is!

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