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October 29, 2007



Hmm, they have to read the script EXACTLY as written? Sounds like a fun time to "accidentally" include some obscene typos..."But my character's name is Buck! I can't introduce myself as...""Sorry, gotta read it as written."

A. Buck Short

Checking in late and out of sequence as usual, but just wanted to say Dirty Watah was wicked wonderful. Including the newspaper photos. I thought it would be kind of lonely as a transplanted Sox fan down here in the ague belt. Turns out we are legion, at least in the Dallas area. We just spend most of the year tryn’a pass.Sunday night I broke open the 30 year-old loaf of Yaz Bread that we bought at Sotheby’s and I’ve kept securely in the freezer wrapped in a J. Peterman catalogue for just this occasion.In college, with binoculars, from my posh but not overly ostentatious 15th floor dorm room, we could actually see the Fenway grass in a corner of left field below the Monsta’. Occasionally we could even catch a play. Of course we could have caught many more plays if we had just opted to stroll down the hall and turn on the TV set. But there’s just somethin’ ‘bout getting’ in fer free.Just one request for your son, Ken. I happen to be red-green color blind. Not much of a handicap, although it did keep me out of the Texas Air National Guard. Also unknowingly sported a brown tie on 3 consecutive Boston St. Patrick’s Days. BTW, that’s the celebration -- where the city justified giving all the kids a day off from school to watch the St. Patrick’s day parade by concocting a simultaneous bogus holiday -- Evacuation Day – allegedly commemorating the date the British departed Boston during the Revolutionary War. Right. I think red letters on black background is hard for even a normal person to read. Could be mistaken but I believe I may have seen that somewhere in the same article that informed the easiest might be black letters on yellow. Can’t be certain, because I think that information was conveyed in black-on-red. On second thought I wouldn’t wish those Bee-Movie colors on anybody’s blog. Let's just live with the black/red.

Mike Rinaldi

So it seems like the better (and more fun) strategy this week would not have been rushing to finish scripts... but turning in scripts with arbitrary humor and locations and effects that would border on the impossible. Not bad scripts-- because one still doesn't want to be accused of bad writing-- just scripts that are unfilmable. Every show could turn into "Night Court."

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